#TankaTuesday #Poetry Stars No. 274 | #PhotoPrompt

Welcome to our weekly poetry stars' celebration. This week’s challenge was to write our choice of syllabic poem, using a form from the cheat sheet or a syllabic form from the Poetscollective.org. David, from the Skeptic's Kaddish, provided the photo below. Many thanks to everyone who joined in below: 1.Reena Saxena9.Cheryl17.Colleen Chesebro2.ben Alexander10.Jules18.Ruth Klein3.Harmony Kent11.Veera19.s. s.4.willowdot2112.Kerfe20.Sally … Continue reading #TankaTuesday #Poetry Stars No. 274 | #PhotoPrompt

#TankaTuesday #Poetry Stars No. 253 #ThemePrompt

The Holidays are Approaching I've updated the #TankaTuesday book gallery! Check it out! Books are splendid gifts to give for the holidays. I've read a few articles which said print books are taking longer to make and that Amazon is trying hard to keep up with demands. Shop early and order soon. Support your community … Continue reading #TankaTuesday #Poetry Stars No. 253 #ThemePrompt

#TankaTuesday Weekly #Poetry Challenge No. 247, #SynonymsOnly

WELCOME TO TANKA TUESDAY! Are you ready to choose some syllables to use in your poetry? Willow Willers from last month's challenge chose the two words for this month: Twilight & Hue On the Monday recap, I'll select someone to choose next month's theme. For this poetry challenge, you can write your poem in the … Continue reading #TankaTuesday Weekly #Poetry Challenge No. 247, #SynonymsOnly

Weekly Poetry Challenge Stars | #PhotoPrompt Poetry Challenge 174: Vashti Q Vega

Jude, from Tales Told Different, picked an excellent photo for us this week for our #PhotoPrompt challenge. The haunting image of the young girl gazing wistfully into the distance holds many poetic possibilities. Willow Willers had a great take with her poem HERE. Kim Blades saw something different in her poem HERE. Meanwhile, the IndieShe unleashed … Continue reading Weekly Poetry Challenge Stars | #PhotoPrompt Poetry Challenge 174: Vashti Q Vega

Ritual #Tanka Tuesday | Myths of the Mirror

Source: Ritual #Tanka Tuesday I'm sharing Diana Peach's Crown Cinquain as part of this week's Poetry Challenge Stars. This is amazing work. Notice how the stanzas flow from one to another telling the story of the image. ~Colleen~ Image ©2019 Willow Willers Ritual mehndilove painted handspalms offering the worldthe beauty of hearts awakenedsacred umberscented colormy … Continue reading Ritual #Tanka Tuesday | Myths of the Mirror

Colleen’s 2019 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 161 #PhotoPrompt

WELCOME TO TANKA TUESDAY! Thanks to everyone who wrote poetry for last week's challenge. Check out the COMMENTS to see everyone's poetry in one place. You can view that post below: Colleen’s 2020 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 160 #SynonymsOnlyWELCOME TO TANKA TUESDAY! It’s the second week of the month! That means Synonyms ONLY! … Continue reading Colleen’s 2019 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 161 #PhotoPrompt

Colleen’s 2019 #Tanka Tuesday #Poet of the Week & Honorable Mention, No. 158, #PhotoPrompt

Happy Winter Solstice, everyone! Welcome to the Tanka Tuesday Poetry Recap featuring the Poet of the Week and the honorable mention poetry from last week's challenge. If you would like to participate in this challenge, you can learn the rules in the menu item called Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday Guidelines. Remember... the challenge is on holiday … Continue reading Colleen’s 2019 #Tanka Tuesday #Poet of the Week & Honorable Mention, No. 158, #PhotoPrompt