Happy Sunday!

The last two weeks with WordPress have been trying! The recent updates caused many issues for my sites. However, I believe I have everything under control. Finally… One big issue was the “Classic” themes. For whatever reason, they quit working correctly. I don’t know why, I can’t explain it. I think the last WP updateContinue reading “Happy Sunday!”

Special Thank You’s

We belong to one of the best poetry communities around… did you know that? Through the years, I’ve developed friendships that I really treasure. We all learn together too, which is something I truly love. Today, I want to thank two friends for their friendship and for sharing their love of poetry with me. FirstContinue reading “Special Thank You’s”

Pro vs. Free WordPress

I promised to share my experience switching from the WP Premium to the Pro plan. As I shared earlier last week, WP has done away with the majority of plans, leaving only the free plan and WP Pro plan to choose from. Check out this page for the comparison details. The free plan gives youContinue reading “Pro vs. Free WordPress”

Word Craft Poetry & Colleen Chesebro back in one blog

The last couple of days I’ve been moving posts to Word Craft Poetry from colleenchesebro.com. I will delete that blog in the next few days. I have quite a few places to update in the meantime. If you come across a link that doesn’t work, please let me know. Thanks. Ever since I deleted allContinue reading “Word Craft Poetry & Colleen Chesebro back in one blog”

Updates: Word Weaving #1 (digital) & The Moons of Autumn: A Word Craft Journal of Syllabic Verse (print)

Shared from: wordweavingpoetryjournal.com: It’s been a stressful couple of days… I can only attribute it to Mercury RETROGRADE! I’ve had numerous issues with everything connected to technology—especially Amazon! On top of all this, my husband took a fall down the steps into our garage and fractured his scapula. He spent the day in the ERContinue reading “Updates: Word Weaving #1 (digital) & The Moons of Autumn: A Word Craft Journal of Syllabic Verse (print)”