#Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Stars Theme Challenge No. 227

Happy Memorial Day. As a veteran and the wife of a 100% disabled veteran, I like to honor my fellow military brothers and sisters who lost their lives serving our county in the line of duty. True patriots never forget! Image by Jackie Williamson from Pixabay brave Americans who served... died to keep us free… Continue reading #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Stars Theme Challenge No. 227


WELCOME TO TANKA TUESDAY! It's the fourth week of the month! Are you ready for a theme prompt? I didn't hear from Padre whose turn it was to select the theme... so, you guys are stuck with me. Sorry. 😀 Go where this month's prompt leads you: Travel/Journeys Poem Analysis.com explains: "When one considers this… Continue reading WEEKLY #TANKA TUESDAY #POETRY CHALLENGE NO. 227, #THEMEPROMPT