A Message From the Sisters of the Fey…

It’s time to notify our readers of the changes coming to the Sisters of the Fey blog. In the months ahead, you will see the blog and the posts migrating to the personal blogs of the authors. Once that process is complete, this blog will cease to exist.

The Sisters of the Fey blog began as a grand experiment. Never in my wildest dreams did I think our collaboration would grow so large, so quickly. Your response to our choice of topics has been most satisfying and gratifying. Thank you for your support.

Each of the Sisters of the Fey is an author with their own blog and writing schedule. Some of us also have outside jobs within our communities. We all wear many hats as working wives, mothers, care-takers, writers, bloggers, book marketing specialists, and social media experts. Collectively, we’ve made the decision to let this blog go.

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But that won’t be the end of the “Sisters of the Fey.” I’m currently outlining a paranormal mystery involving a group of magical women tasked with investigating a series of strange occurrences between the otherworld and the human realm. Look for that book releasing in the future.

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We have renamed our Facebook Page: Spiritual Sisters, @5SpiritualSisters: https://www.facebook.com/5SpiritualSisters/ where we will continue to share our spiritually inspired posts from our blogs. Please consider following us there, too. ❤

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From all of us,

Thank you for your love and support.

Developing Your Psychic Skills #3 Psychometry

Our Sister of the Fey, Karen DeMers Dowdall shares a hair-raising experience in this discussion on developing your psychic skills. Have a read!

Developing your Psychic Skills: 3 Psychometry  Part one Last month, October 1st we learned about Psychic Protection and this month we will begin to learn how to develop your Psychic Abilities.…

Source: Developing Your Psychic Skills #3 Psychometry

More Notes from: The Modern Witch’s Masterclass with Phyllis Curott, “How to Cast a Spell,” via Hay House

I’ve been enjoying this free series on Wiccan Witchcraft by Phyllis Curott via Hay House. Here is the link to this lesson so can watch it yourself. These are my notes and I’ve tried to catch her words as closely as possible, but much of the following is paraphrased. ❤

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What is your definition of magic? Do you think witches cast spells to control the world? That simply isn’t true.

Magic is what a living cosmos does with you once you’ve awakened to its divinity and your own.

The secret to magic is your relationship with the sacred. All real magic is the manifestation of the divine.

Everyone is capable of magic. It’s not a supernatural way to control reality. Making magic is a co-creative process with the divine that dwells inside and all around you when you’re open and aware and connected to that divinity.

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Magic is in the synchronicities, signs, and messages your receive in dreams that come true. Magic is found in the healing that defies prognosis, and in the opportunities that appear when none were there before. It’s found in the unexpected help you receive, and in the harmony with which your life begins to take shape.

Magic changes everything, and the first thing it changes is you. It breaks down your barriers, shifting your perceptions and awakening your soul. When you do it right, it awakens the witch within you.

Magic and meditation go hand in hand. Altering our state of consciousness opens us to the divine and meditation does that. It allows us to enter realms of spirit and for you to move freely outside the bounds of space and time. It allows you to dive deep within to find where divinity dwells.

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Meditation can be magic! Meditating is one of the fastest ways to change your consciousness.

The next time you are meditating – go ahead… cast a spell. What exactly is a spell? A spell is like poetry, an incantation, a rhyme. Rhyming has a powerful effect on your mind and emotions. In fact, like singing, chanting a spell with two or more witches magnifies the effect.

In order for a spell to work in partnership with the sacred source of creation, you need a change of consciousness. Meditation is the answer.

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The power of positive affirmations as a repetition of phrases, alter our self perception and our behavior to manifest desired changes in our psyche and in our life.

Here is a chant created by Louise Hay:

“I am one with the divine power that created me. I use my power with love, success, and generosity.”

In the video, Phyllis sings a Wiccan chant, I’ve shared below:

“She changes every thing she touches, and every thing she touches, changes.”

If you repeat this chant a number of times you will feel your energy improve. The longer you chant, the stronger the effect. This chant alters your heart and connects you to the universe.

When you’ve finished your chant, thank creation for receiving your intention, your energy, and your magic!

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“How to Cast a Circle” ~ My Notes from Phyllis Curott & the “Modern Witch’s Masterclass via Hay House

In her first free video, Phyllis will teach us how to start your day the Witch’s way through setting positive and grounded intentions for the day ahead. She’ll also share how to cast a circle—a fundamental Witchcraft practice—to help you open up your senses and connect with Mother Earth.”

Hay House

How do you cast a circle?

Phyllis suggests casting a circle each morning. She usually includes an offering, like birdseed. However, she does stress that you can cast your circle anywhere you feel most comfortable. Offerings are optional. After you’ve completed your circle, take note of how your day progressed. ❤

First, start by facing east. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. She holds up the birdseed and says, “Spirit of Air, may my mind be clear today.”

Then, scatter some of the bird seed.

Next, turn toward the south and say, “Spirit of Fire, may my courage be firm today.”

Scatter more seed.

Now, turn toward the west and say, “Spirit of Water, may my heart be open and full of love today.”

Scatter more seed.

Pivot and turn toward the north. Cup your hands in front of you and say, “Spirit of Mother Earth, may my work be creative, rewarding, and fulfilling today.”

Scatter the last of the seed.

Turn back toward the east which ends the full circle and places you back where you began. Reach your hands toward the sun above and then down to the earth under your feet.

Say, “I reach to the sky and sun above, and down to the earth upon which I stand. I give thanks at the center – between sky and earth. I draw the energy from both knowing I’m at the place where spirit, nature, and energy are one.”

While standing in balance between the sky and earth finish your blessing by saying, “May my day go forward with blessings.”

Once your circle is complete move with gladness into your day.

& Blessed Be!

“The Dream,” #FlashFiction

The Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Prompt for February 7, 2019, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes a sign. It can be a posted sign, a universal sign, a wonder. Go where the prompt leads. Respond by February 12, 2019.

I’ve been writing like a mad woman for months on my newest creation – The Sisters of the Fey – Genesis. I thought a sneak peek might be in order… This is the actual beginning of the book, plus or minus a few words. Are you intrigued?

It began with a dream so real that I woke up on the hard floor beside my bed. My first thought was that the ancestors were trying to tell me something. They often spoke with signs, like the day I found a feather on the ground where no birds tarried or how the wind caressed my face a certain way.

Sometimes, they spoke by invoking a change in the weather, such as when the clouds blocked out the sun leaving a coldness behind. Then, the ancestors spoke to me through the shadows. And, when the ancestors spoke, I listened.

The Slavic Witch, Baba Danica & Crow

“Ancient Truths” – Flash Fiction

It’s the beginning of a new year and I’m thrilled to be writing flash fiction again. Our resident flash fiction guru, Charli Mills, is back in action at Carrot Ranch.com. Thank goodness. Check out the rules below:

January 3, 2019, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about a character who looks back. It can be a metaphorical reflection or a glance in the rear-view mirror. Who is looking back, and why? Go where the prompt leads.

Respond by January 8, 2019.

Many of you know that I’ve been working on a book called, “The Sisters of the Fey – Genesis.” My inspiration for the story and characters came from seven other “writerly” friends. We even created a mystical blog together called… The Sisters of the Fey.com. Stop by and visit.

The eight of us are featured characters in this book. I think after this book is published, you will have great fun trying to figure out which character belongs to which writer.

So, to start my new book teasing process early, I’ve written a flash fiction piece that I hope will entice you into wanting more of this story. The setting is ancient Russia, on the shores of the Volga River…

“Ancient Truths”

Staring into the river, Dennitsa felt the ancient memories drag her back into the past. As if she had lived long ago, the hazy recollections played out in her mind.

The truth stared her in the face. The Slavic witches were descended from the flying dragons who were the spirits of the fallen angels. They had tumbled out of the skies at the beginning of time. Those spirits copulated with human women, creating offspring who were known as the Vedma. The Vedma became the female witches, and the Leshovik became the dragon men.

Dennitsa had been born a witch!

© 2019 Colleen M. Chesebro

I’m still dreaming of snow…

Conversations With Colleen: Meet Author, Adele Marie Park

Conversations with ColleenThe October Edition (1)

Hello everyone! This week I’m happy to share with you one of my dearest friends, Scottish author, Adele Marie Park. Over the years, Adele and I have formed a common interest in all things magical, and especially our love for the faerie craft.

When I asked Adele to pick three or four questions from my huge list HERE, she didn’t even blink! We all aspire to be successful authors and the best way to learn some of the tricks of the trade is to ask questions.


Adele is also a member of the Sisters of the Fey blog, a group of eight authors who came together to share their love of all things magical. Adele’s specialty is all things pagan. She shares tarot readings and even a few tried and tested spells! Check out this post HERE. ❤

Please meet my guest, Adele Marie Park.

Adele Marie Park

Scottish Author, Adele Marie Park

Scottish Author, Adele Marie Park was born in the north-east of Scotland, and at the age of six months, she moved to live with family on the Orcadian island of Rousay.

Her childhood was surrounded by the tales and legends of old, and these became the themes and beliefs she’s carried with her through life as they now emerge and live within the pages of her books.

Adele’s first published book is “Wisp,” a tale of murder, passion, and intrigue set in the mythical world of Edra.

She has won awards for her short stories and many have been published in successful anthologies.

Her writing crosses genres between fantasy and horror but is always character driven by transforming the pictures and characters in her head as if by magic onto the pages of her books. Her belief in magic, faeries and the paranormal has never wavered.

She connects with people through her writing, and her wish is for everyone to live every moment of the story and feel it as if they has been on the journey with the characters.

When not writing, she enjoys painting and playing music. Her preferred instrument is the guitar although she has been known to play the tin whistle.

Hi, Colleen. Thanks so much for the invitation to do this interview. What fun!

You’re welcome. Adele, you and I have crossed paths in the blogging world for about four years now, so I know how sensitive and kind you are. What was the first book you read that made you cry?

Although the book I’m going to talk about is not the first to make me cry it is the one which is most poignant. “Clan of The Cave Bear,” by Jean M Auel. For those who haven’t read the book here’s a synopsis:

“Leave 21st century London and go back to Ice Age Europe. Follow Ayla, a Cro-Magnon child who loses her parents in an earthquake and is adopted by a tribe of Neanderthal, the Clan. See how the Clan’s wary suspicion is gradually transformed into acceptance of this girl, so different from them, under the guidance of its medicine woman Iza and its wise holy man Creb. Immerse yourself in a world dictated by the demands of survival in a hostile environment, and be swept away in an epic tale of love, identity, and struggle.”

(Click HERE to find “Clan of the Cave Bear,” by Jean M. Auel on Amazon.com)

There are some terrible scenes in this book but the one which made me weep was the death of Ayla’s adoptive mother, Iza.

I was brought up by my aunt Adeline and uncle Tommy. As I read the paragraph, tears filled my eyes and for the first time, I thought about Adeline dying. I wept so loudly she came upstairs to my room to see what was wrong. When I told her she hugged me and told me that wasn’t going to happen. A few years later, cancer took her away from me.

I haven’t been able to read the book since.

I can tell you’re an empathic writer. Can you tell us how being empathic affects your writing?

I feel everything that my characters go through, every loss, pain or heartache. My characters are so close to me that I can not help but feel what they go through. I am an empath, having only found out in the last couple of years what that means. It has been an experience which has freed me. Now, I am able to say I am an empath and I’m not the only one.

 READ: What is an Empath

Does it lend a reality to my writing? Yes, I think it comes across. If I weep because one of my character’s experiences a loss of who they hold dear, I want my readers to do the same. I want my readers to become so engrossed in the story that it transports them into my world. That is what I aim for in my writing.

As a writer what would you choose as your mascot/avatar/spirit animal?

I have several spirit animals. They make themselves known to me when I need them or when they sense that I need comfort. Years ago, when I first started writing again, it was a green dragon. He kept me sane in a very horrible chapter of my life.

Later Wolf came along and inspired me to trust others again and to make peace with myself. When I write now, Wolf is here, but so is otter when I need to lighten up and remember how to play.

Bear is one animal who has been with me since childhood and she brings in the peace of the great mother. Owl and eagle bring me clarity and dreams.

I thought over this question and realised that in every short story or novel that I’ve written, there is usually an animal featured as a prominent character. I can’t choose just one, I can’t.

Do it(CLICK HERE to learn more about how to find your own spirit animal. 

You are so receptive to the vibrations of the universe, Adele. How do you use that superpower to select the names of your characters?

The characters arrive in my head with their names already picked by themselves. My head resembles Grand Central Station at times. All these characters wandering about waiting for me to write about them. It’s quite magical.

Sometimes the idea for a story arrives first. After that, the characters show up. It’s interesting, but they always choose their own names. I don’t think I’ve ever had to change a character’s name. Although, I have changed details about the character, with their permission, of course.

Writers often believe in their writing muse, which is separate from a spirit animal. Do you believe in the muse?

I definitely believe in the muse. I sense mine is female and recently I feel there are two. The old tales warn you never to anger your muse lest she leaves you, so I keep mine as sweet as I can.

People might laugh at these old beliefs today but, what if they are true? Better to pay your respects to the old beliefs than to have your muse turn away from you. Did you know that even Tesla is reported to have credited some otherworldly presence in helping with his inventions? I think that’s fascinating!

There are times when I suffer from writer’s block.  That’s when I call on the muse to help me. I think with everything in life if you are respectful and remember your manners you can’t go wrong.

I read and reviewed Adele’s book, “Wisp.” You can read that review HERE.

Thanks, Colleen for the great discussion. ❤

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k luv u bye Thanks for stopping by to meet Adele Marie Park. Read Wisp! You’ll love it! ❤

New Moon Blessings November 2018

Annette Rochelle Aben is teaching us how to bring abundance into our lives:

“Welcome to New Moon Blessings for November 2018! We are about to write our NEW MOON checks and this is your reminder. The NEW MOON for November is the 7th, so on the 7th or the 8th, write your Law of Abundance check.”