New RELEASE: “Poetry Treasures”

I'm thrilled to announce the release of "Poetry Treasures," a collection of poetry from the poet/author guests of Robbie Cheadle on the "Treasuring Poetry" blog series on Writing to be Read in 2020. Open the book and discover the poetry treasures of Sue Vincent (Author), Geoff Le Pard (Author), Frank Prem (Author), Victoria Zigler (Author), Colleen M. Chesebro (Author), K. Morris (Author), Annette Rochelle Aben (Author), Jude Kirya Itakali (Author), and Roberta Eaton … Continue reading New RELEASE: “Poetry Treasures”

In Memoriam: Sue Vincent

Sue Vincent It is with a heavy heart I share with you the passing of our friend and poet, Sue Vincent. Sue was a pillar in our poetic community, always ready to jump into a poetry challenge. And, most importantly, she was always there to offer a kind word of encouragement.Through the years, I'd come … Continue reading In Memoriam: Sue Vincent


Our theme prompt for this week came from Sue Vincent. She selected one of her own haiku for us to use as inspiration for our own syllabic poetry: clouds cover the moon, beyond dawn's pale horizon sun rises unseen ©2020 Sue Vincent I love using another piece of poetry as inspiration. Our perceptions are all … Continue reading TANKA TUESDAY POETRY CHALLENGE STARS | #ThemePrompt:

Tanka Tuesday Weekly POETRY CHALLENGE STARS | Theme Prompt No. 200

For our 200th poetry challenge, Marsha Ingrao picked an impressive theme for us this week. The illusion of power is a thought-provoking subject. What is illusion? Smoke and mirrors? Or...? The only real things in life are the unexpected things. Everything else is just an illusion. Watkin Tudor Jones And what about the illusion of … Continue reading Tanka Tuesday Weekly POETRY CHALLENGE STARS | Theme Prompt No. 200

Weekly Poetry Challenge Stars | Theme Prompt: @SCVincent

Pat R. from last month’s challenge picked this month's theme. I know this challenge was difficult! Congratulations to everyone who took part. You stepped up and met the challenge head-on! Bravo to you all! This month’s theme prompt: “…In the world’s broad field of battle, In the bivouac of Life,Be not like dumb, driven cattle! Be … Continue reading Weekly Poetry Challenge Stars | Theme Prompt: @SCVincent


Sue’s poem earned the right to claim the distinction of being the Poet of the Week for last week’s challenge. Congratulations, Sue. ❤

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


Consciousness wavers

Ancient kindred whispering

Silent secrets shared

To know with other senses

Understanding of the heart


For Colleen’s poetry challenge

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Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge No. 53 – MIST & SHAPE

Welcome to POETRY TUESDAY! Image credit: Pinterest: Happy Tuesday Quotes Congratulations! This is the beginning of our second year of writing amazing poetry. To keep things interesting, I've added a few new poetry forms. Have fun and remember the key to writing these poetry forms is to follow the rules, count syllables, and count the … Continue reading Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge No. 53 – MIST & SHAPE

Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka #Poetry Challenge #20 – “Angel & Devil”

Happy TANKA Tuesday everyone! Welcome to the TANKA CAFÉ. Are you ready to get groovy with your poetry? Then, you're in the right place! Pull up a chair, order some coffee or tea and let's write some TANKA poetry. Grab a cup of Joe or a cup of tea and read what's below… SO, LET'S … Continue reading Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka #Poetry Challenge #20 – “Angel & Devil”