Senryū or Senryu

Senryū is a form with 3 or more lines following the short-long-short, (s-l-s) 3-5-3, 2-3-2, (5-7-5 traditional) approximately twelve syllables. Senryu do not rhyme, nor do they contain metaphors and similes. This form does not contain a title. Senryu is written about love, human foibles relating to a personal event, and should have an elementContinue reading “Senryū or Senryu”

#TankaTuesday Weekly #Poetry Challenge No. 303, 1/17/23

WELCOME TO #TANKATUESDAY! 短歌 火曜日 In case you missed last week’s poetry, here are the poet’s links from the 1/10/23 photo prompt challenge: 1. ladyleemanila 8. Ken Hume 15. kittysverses 2. Sylvia Cognac 9. willowdot21 16. Yvette M Calleiro 3. ben Alexander 10. Cheryl 17. Jules 4. Britta Benson 11. Li/ Lisa 18. Colleen Chesebro 5.Continue reading “#TankaTuesday Weekly #Poetry Challenge No. 303, 1/17/23”