2022 Poetry Challenge Planning

Planning for the #TankaTuesday Poetry challenge is underway! However, in our corner of the blogosphere we’ve always worked together on these challenges. We’ve done the same themes for about three years. It’s time to change it up. I’m looking for input from you, the poets who contribute each week. What… Continue reading

Word Craft: Prose & Poetry – Poetry Readings

This past Thursday, I joined in on the dVerse Poet’s Pub open-mike night. It was great to hear the voices of many of the poets I admire. The poetry was great too! It occurred to me we should do something similar here at Word Craft. I would love to hear… Continue reading

The Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge Cheat Sheet

The Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge Cheat Sheet has been updated. Remember, if you are using these instructions to enter poetry contests and journals, do your research. This is only a brief description of how to write the different forms of syllabic poetry. Continue reading

Word Craft: Prose & Poetry, The Art of Crafting Syllabic Poetry is now Available in Paperback

I’m thrilled to announce that the print version of Word Craft: Prose & Poetry is now available on Amazon. The last week has been a wild ride! I did my best to keep the costs low enough for everyone to purchase the book. Please enjoy! <3 Are you ready to… Continue reading

In Memoriam: Sue Vincent

It is with a heavy heart I share with you the passing of our friend and poet, Sue Vincent. Sue was a pillar in our poetic community, always ready to jump into a poetry challenge. And, most importantly, she was always there to offer a kind word of encouragement.Through the… Continue reading