“Spring Sunbeams,” #haiku, #NaPoWritMo

It's day 14 of NaPoWritMo and my Poem-a-Day practice. I'm sure you're tired of seeing these white pear tree blossoms, but they are so spectacular. My camera does not do them justice. I think I caught a faery glimmer in the trees. Do you see it? spring sunbeam... white blossoms sparkle in the blue sky … Continue reading “Spring Sunbeams,” #haiku, #NaPoWritMo

“White Blossoms,” Day 13: #NaPoWritMo, #haiku

My neighborhood glows with white blossoms from the Bradford Pear trees that line our streets. It's spectacular! The ground is covered in a white skiff of petals, and it looks like it snowed! This afternoon the wind grew cold and gusty... just like a typical Michigan spring day. I'll take some more photos tomorrow. For … Continue reading “White Blossoms,” Day 13: #NaPoWritMo, #haiku

“Sweet” #Abhanga, #NaPoWritMo

When I wake up in the morning, one of the first things I do, after I kiss my husband good morning, is to grab a cup of coffee. Then, I go to Facebook to see what lovely photo Merril D. Smith has shared for the day. Today's photo was spectacular! I was so inspired I … Continue reading “Sweet” #Abhanga, #NaPoWritMo

“Spring Again,” #haiku, #NaPoWritMo

Well... I blew it! I missed yesterday for my Poem-a-Day practice along with NaPoWritMo. But I have the best excuse. It was a beautiful day, and I spent much of it outside with my husband enjoying the weather. Sometimes it's better to live in the moment. So, I offer two haiku today to catch up. … Continue reading “Spring Again,” #haiku, #NaPoWritMo

“Goodbye,” #Senryu, #NaPoWritMo

My dear friend, Debby Gies' husband lost his battle with cancer on Wednesday. Today, I attended his funeral, which was live-streamed from Toronto. I leave you with a somber senryu: swift passage— saying goodbye to an old friend ©2021 Colleen M. Chesebro Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay

“Humid Spring,” Badger hexastich trio, #NaPoWritMo

I had forgotten how humid it can be in Michigan... Today; the humidity rolled in from Lady Lake Michigan and the rainy day bloomed as we headed into the afternoon. So for my Poem-a-day practice, I described the approach of the afternoon rain. It's day 8 on NaPoWritMo, but I'm not following the prompts. muggy— … Continue reading “Humid Spring,” Badger hexastich trio, #NaPoWritMo

“Hazy Moon,” #Haiku, #NaPoWritMo

Spring has found its way to Michigan... The temperature hit 80 degrees F. today. Yet, the clouds are rolling in. Rain is on the way... it matches my mood. A dear friend's husband lost his battle to cancer today. Like the spring rain, my tears fall at the loss of another gentle soul. May he … Continue reading “Hazy Moon,” #Haiku, #NaPoWritMo

“Best Friends,” #Senryu, #NaPoWritMo

I can't help but write about the two newest additions to our family: Chloe and Sophie. two best friends... bonded in friendship sister love ©2021 Colleen M. Chesebro

“Spring Rain-harusame,” #haiku, #NaPoWritMo

I didn't write for the NaPoWritMo prompt today because our two kitties, Chloe and Sophie, finally made it home. Instead, I wrote a haiku for my poem-a-day creative endeavor. spring rain... the scent of petrichor fuels primal urges ©2021 Colleen M. Chesebro We awakened to a gunmetal gray, heavy-clouded sky. As the rumble of thunder … Continue reading “Spring Rain-harusame,” #haiku, #NaPoWritMo

“Spring Blessings,” #haiku, #NaPoWritMo, #spring

Today, we finished the last of our indoor house painting... I'm so glad to be done! Let's celebrate Spring! cold rain falls— tulips bloom in splendor spring blessings ©2012 Colleen M. Chesebro It's day three of my haiku mindfulness journey! Happy Easter! ❤