Soliciting Syllabic Poetry Donations Part Two

It’s time for an update on the poetry I need for examples for my new book, Word Craft – The Art of Crafting Syllabic Poetry. I’ve been playing with book cover ideas. The book is divided into two group: Japanese forms and American forms. This book covers the eleven forms we use in the weekly challenge, meant as an introduction for new poets.

I’ve scoured many of your challenge posts searching for some of the more detailed forms, but I still need a few more.

Poets, you hold the rights to your poem. I use it as an example, and site the author, blog, and webpage it is on. Your name and poetry shows up in the bibliography in the back of the book. I reserve the right whether or not I use your poem.

I have some specific forms I’m looking for. Please look back at some of your poetry posts. You may already have written what I’m looking for. If possible, update a poem you’ve already written. That would work best, as the citation gives a link to your blog and the post, and the date written.

I need:

Senryu 3/5/3 (3), 2/3/2 (3)

Haiga 5/7/5 (1), 3/5/3 (3), 2/3/2 (3)

Reverse Cinquain, at least two more

Mirror Cinquain, one more

Crown Cinquain, one more

Garland Cinquain, one more

Double Etheree (at least one more)

Double Inverted Etheree (at least three)

Reverse Nonet (at least three)

Double Inverted Nonet (at least three)

Nonet Series (at least three)

Shadorma Series (at least two more)

Please email me at the link to your poem (s) on your blog. That way, I can get the necessary information for the citations.

LOL! This is my life now!

I’ve updated the Poetry challenge cheatsheet instructions on the various syllabic poetry forms to match what is in the book. You can click on that link below:

Thank you for your help! I appreciate you all!