RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge #45 Pitch & Time

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“Edge of a Cliff,” by Anjana Pradeep

Please meet Anjana, who graciously accepted my invite to be guest blogger today. I post short stories every Saturday and an article/non-fiction every Wednesday. Make sure you check in. I am open to collabs and guest posts. Contact me via email : Without further ado, check out my stories by selecting "Fiction (Short Stories)" from the category or just click here. To … Continue reading “Edge of a Cliff,” by Anjana Pradeep

“How, Then, Shall We Live?” by Tabitha Lord Jorgensen

I want to introduce you to Tabitha Lord, who cordially accepted my invitation to write a guest post while I am away on vacation. Hi, I'm Tabitha. I took a leap of faith and recently became a full-time writer. As I navigate this creative, exciting, and sometimes-exasperating world, I'd love to share my journey with … Continue reading “How, Then, Shall We Live?” by Tabitha Lord Jorgensen

Pixel Prose Challenge: The Weeping Lady

The time of darkness is almost upon us, as swirling fog, damp with moisture clings to deep black silhouettes of trees starkly lit by the greyness of the evening sky. Night birds scatter – inky shadows flitting about nearing the barren edges of the slough, as falling leaves shower the grasses stirring in the cool … Continue reading Pixel Prose Challenge: The Weeping Lady

The Leaving

The north wind blows the snow in swirling luminous eddies.Biting cold seeps into the woman’s fruitless body prostrate on the ground.Sparkling snow, deep in some places, barren in others, fans over her splayed-out chestnut hair.Spiky golden stalks of grass rubbing in the wind,Scratching, scratching in the snow.~ ~ ~What could end the promise of another … Continue reading The Leaving

The Darkness

Dark desperation, terror clutches at his soul - laughter brings tears. Rest in Peace, Robin Williams 2014 © Copyright-All rights reserved (Image credit from:, on 8/12/14)

The Leaving

  I cried when you made the choice to leave. I knew when you were gone it would be hard to see you again - ever in that same way. I let you go like silken strands slipping from my waiting arms blowing in the heavy air. I knew our time was past, our days … Continue reading The Leaving