“#Michigan #Gardening,” #haibun

Silver Moon ClematisDaylilydaylilies & CoreopsisEarly Cerise PhloxEnglish lavender & Red Razzmatazz daylily & Pardon Me DaylilyEnglish lavender & Dragon's Blood Sedum I feel great satisfaction in the planting and growing of perennials. They become my offspring, a by-product of the energy I infuse into the plants to grow and become strong. Each season, I fuss … Continue reading “#Michigan #Gardening,” #haibun

#Tanka Tuesday Weekly #Poetry Challenge No. 229, #SynonymsOnly

WELCOME TO TANKA TUESDAY! Welcome! Check out the NEW main menu item: Poetry Book Publishing Links to find poetry book publishing links, including links to literary journals and poetry magazines accepting submissions of poetry. If you know of a link to add to this list, let me know by email to tankatuesdaypoetry@gmail.com. ❤ It's the second week … Continue reading #Tanka Tuesday Weekly #Poetry Challenge No. 229, #SynonymsOnly

“All Forgiven in a Day,” #kindku “Dawn”

I've wanted to try this new poetry challenge offered by Auroras & Blossoms poetry journal in the post below. It's the "Dawn," Prompt, created by Cendrine & David. Here is the link to the words in the song: https://genius.com/Leigh-nash-nervous-in-the-light-of-dawn-lyrics which serve as the inspiration for the poetry you write. First... What Is a Kindku? Auroras … Continue reading “All Forgiven in a Day,” #kindku “Dawn”