“White Blossoms,” Day 13: #NaPoWritMo, #haiku

My neighborhood glows with white blossoms from the Bradford Pear trees that line our streets. It's spectacular! The ground is covered in a white skiff of petals, and it looks like it snowed! This afternoon the wind grew cold and gusty... just like a typical Michigan spring day. I'll take some more photos tomorrow. For… Continue reading “White Blossoms,” Day 13: #NaPoWritMo, #haiku

“Spring Again,” #haiku, #NaPoWritMo

Well... I blew it! I missed yesterday for my Poem-a-Day practice along with NaPoWritMo. But I have the best excuse. It was a beautiful day, and I spent much of it outside with my husband enjoying the weather. Sometimes it's better to live in the moment. So, I offer two haiku today to catch up.… Continue reading “Spring Again,” #haiku, #NaPoWritMo