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Mystery Of Ivar The Boneless And Ímar – Remarkable Viking Puzzle Reveals Something Extraordinary | Ancient Pages

  I LOVE The Vikings, on the History Channel. I’ve always been pleased how the writers have tried to stick to historical truths. Ellen Lloyd, from AncientPages.com has uncovered some new information. Enjoy. ❤ Share this: Ellen Lloyd – AncientPages.com – There are so many striking historical similarities between Ivar the Boneless and Ímar that some scholars suggest these two Vikings

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Beautiful Legend Of La Befana – Witch Who Delivers Gifts To Children In Italy On Epiphany – Twelve Days After Christmas | Ancient Pages

  Witches usually get a bad rap but La Befana, is a special lady. I LOVE the magical pagan elements of this legend. Enjoy. ❤ Share this: Ellen Lloyd – AncientPages.com – In most countries children await the arrival of St. Nicolaus or Santa Claus who will bring them gifts. In Italy children eagerly count the days to the coming of

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Goddesses Of Fate And Destiny In Greek, Roman And Slavic Mythology | Ancient Pages

“…Through the ages, myths and legends dealing with fate have reflected our beliefs. People have often wondered over fate and its power. The idea of a person’s fate being spun was widely known in ancient Europe…” Click the link below to learn more about the “FATES.” ❤ Share this: A. Sutherland – AncientPages.com – An Italian humanist philosopher of the early

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