Around the Campfire: OPEN for Submissions

Have you submitted??? 🔥 You can submit three (3) entries. If you’ve already sent in one entry… why not write two more? 🔥 Carrot Ranch Literary Community Around the Campfire is a bi-annual publication of quality fiction, creative non-fiction, memoir, and poetry in the specific styles of 99 words or 99 syllables (Double Ennead). TheContinue reading “Around the Campfire: OPEN for Submissions”

Around the Campfire Literary Journal – Submissions are Open

Just a REMINDER: In collaboration with Gitty Up Press, Unicorn Cats Publishing Services is proud to present: Submission Guidelines: When it comes to word count, writing programs can count differently. There’s some that count certain punctuation, such as the em dash, and others that count hyphenated words as one.  Therefore, we recommend using Microsoft WordContinue reading “Around the Campfire Literary Journal – Submissions are Open”