Meet the Poet Questions

I’ve put together some questions for our Weekly #TankaTuesday poets to choose from for the Meet the Poet feature. If you want to add some questions and answers of your own, please email me your suggestions to

Please email me your name, blog address, and one other social media account, any links to “poetry” books on Amazon, 3 images (max) attached to the email. I’ll need your biography and an author photo as one of the images.

The aim of Meet the Poet is to introduce poets to the writing community. This is a way for others to learn more about you and your poetry books. Please take your time answering the questions. You can pick three questions or submit your own questions and answers. If I don’t feel there is enough information in what you’ve sent me, I’ll ask you to write more.

Please mind your manners. Visit the post, reply to all comments, and share the post on social media. You might have to visit for a few days in a row to look for more comments. This is a good thing. Look for new connections and friends.

Meet the Poet QUESTIONS (select three and email your answers to me at

  1. What is your favorite syllabic poetry form?
  2. How does writing syllabic poetry enhance your life, or your writing practice?
  3. How important is the accessibility of your poem’s meaning? Should one have to work hard to “solve” the poem?
  4. Many people believe poetry is dying. Do you agree or disagree with this statement, and why?
  5. What are the most important or interesting things that you have you learned about syllabic poetry writing/publishing as a poet?
  6. Has your idea of what poetry is, changed since you began writing syllabic poems?
  7. Does social media help your standing as a poet? Explain how.
  8. Why do you write syllabic poetry?
  9. What creative ways have you devised to share your poetry other than writing poetry books or blogs?
  10. Do you have any goals you hope to achieve with your poetry?
  11. Share a favorite poem you’ve written. Explain the syllabic form you used and why this piece (or form) speaks to you.
  12. Do you use other mediums, such as photography or artwork in your poetry? What message do you want your readers to receive from this kind of collaborative effort?
  13. Can you share any tips with poets looking to get their poetry published in literary journals or on other websites?
  14. How long have you been writing syllabic poetry? What’s the first form of syllabic poetry you wrote?
  15. Have you written a poetry book? Tell us about the book and why you wrote it.
  16. Where do you find inspiration for your poetry?
  17. Who is your favorite poet? Why?
  18. Has writing and publishing a novel changed you as a poet? Explain how.
  19. What spiritual or therapeutic practices help you get into the right headspace to write syllabic poetry?
  20. Please share something about yourself that your readers don’t know (yet)?

Example Interviews:

Meet the Poet: D.L. Finn

Meet the Poet: Elizabeth Gauffreau

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