Children Reading a Wireless Faxed Newspaper, 1938

Pic By HotSpot Media – SOME OF HISTORIES STRANGEST INVENTIONS -IN PIC- Who needs the internet ,The Wireless Newspaper invented in 1938, picture shows children reading the children’s page of a Missouri paper. – FROM wooden swimming costumes to a straw radio hat, these are the nostalgic inventions from century’s ago that never quite took off.The collection of weird and wacky creations date as far back as the 1500s and show a range of bizarre and quirky ideas. In one picture, it might seem that a gun is being fired at point blank range but it is in fact a camera. Designed in New York 1938, the Revolver Gun takes a picture when you pull the trigger. Another bizarre concept from the Netherlands shows a booted rubber boat design in 1915 whereby an inflatable boat for one person has boots attached to the bottom of it, an idea designed for you to use your legs as paddles.…. SEE HOTSPOT COPY 0121 551 1004

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