WordPress Pro

The Aries in me made me do it!! I've upgraded to WordPress Pro at $180 a year. Immediately, I can tell you that the free themes on WordPress.com and WordPress.org differ from how they used to be. Many themes only offer one color, with the option to purchase the theme for more upgrades. This is … Continue reading WordPress Pro

Word Craft Poetry & Colleen Chesebro back in one blog

The last couple of days I've been moving posts to Word Craft Poetry from colleenchesebro.com. I will delete that blog in the next few days. I have quite a few places to update in the meantime. If you come across a link that doesn't work, please let me know. Thanks. Ever since I deleted all … Continue reading Word Craft Poetry & Colleen Chesebro back in one blog

Technical Difficulties

I'm in the process of moving my poetry and book reviews back to wordcraftpoetry.com. Managing two blogs is just too much. I have other news I'll share soon, but for right now if you follow colleenchesebro.com, please follow me at wordcraftpoetry.com, which will also be my author blog. Thank you. 🙏🏻 ❤️ I've had plenty … Continue reading Technical Difficulties

Blog Cleaning

I've been doing some much needed blog cleaning. I've added the 🧹posts and pages🧹 from "A Witch's Brew" blog to my author blog here at colleenchesebro.com. I'll shut down that blog today, as well. It's much easier to navigate. So, don't panic if you see me post things that have to do with my pagan … Continue reading Blog Cleaning

Book Review Observations

I read most books on my Kindle Fire. Lately, I've been surprised at the quality of ebooks. As an author myself, I discovered that when I use Word, or Scrivener for a manuscript, there are a few things to check before uploading to the Kindle Creator, or whatever you use to upload your ebook to … Continue reading Book Review Observations

Chloe & Sophie

Chloe made herself right at home! She's a six-month-old gray and white shorthair. Sophie is more skittery. She's a four-month-old tortoiseshell. The two are always together, never far apart. ❤ I'm thrilled with how socialized both girls are. Many thanks to the Constellation Cat Cafe, in East Lansing, Michigan. Check out their Facebook Page

Smorgasbord Health Column – Turning Back the Clock 2021- Anti-Aging without the Botox by Sally Cronin

What a brilliant idea! Join Sally Cronin, a qualified nutritional therapist with twenty-three years of experience working with clients in Ireland and the UK and being a health consultant on the radio in Spain. I’m always looking for motivation like this to keep myself in line. ❤

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Background to the series.

Sixteen years ago I had a series on radio called Turning Back the Clock, which I presented in response to listeners in their 50’s and 60’s looking for rejuvenation and tips on staying young. Like me they were exasperated by the claims of the cosmetic industry that the various ingredients in their products could knock ten years off their age. I was asked to design a diet that would help reverse the signs of aging and this developed into a weekly challenge that was undertaken by nearly 100 listeners. The series became a book in 2010.

I try to practice what I preach!  And certainly so far I have managed to maintain healthy key indicators such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels and cholesterol without medication, much to the surprise of my doctor!

In my opinion the answer to turning back the clock by several…

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An Update…

I wanted to bring you all up to speed on my disappearance lately... The last three weeks have been some of the most intense and stressful of my life. Selling our house in Arizona and buying a new house in Michigan during this buying and selling frenzy in the U. S. has been interesting. I'm … Continue reading An Update…

Spice – The Tiny Dog Who Stole Our Hearts

Spice, Colorado 2017 It is with sad and heavy hearts Ron, and I must share that our beloved Spice left this world Wednesday night. Spice was Ron's dog mainly, and along with her sister, Sugar, nursed Ron through bladder and prostate cancer. She was loyal and loving and will live in our hearts forever. Our … Continue reading Spice – The Tiny Dog Who Stole Our Hearts