Facebook Sharing

Since I left Twitter the end of last year, I'd like to continue sharing your poetry on Facebook. If this is something you do not want me to do, please let me know in the comments. I've created a Facebook page and private group for Word Craft Poetry. It there is enough interest, I'll keep … Continue reading Facebook Sharing

Bye-Bye Twitter

I've ruminated about the downfall of Twitter for days. Ever since Elon Musk took over, I realize the platform's days are numbered. Musk intends on destroying the site and remaking it into something else. https://twitter.com/SanaBan55403916/status/1593556125563101186 I've decided to delete my Twitter account. I've had an on-again, off-again relationship with social media since I started blogging … Continue reading Bye-Bye Twitter

Special Thank You’s

We belong to one of the best poetry communities around... did you know that? Through the years, I've developed friendships that I really treasure. We all learn together too, which is something I truly love. Today, I want to thank two friends for their friendship and for sharing their love of poetry with me. First … Continue reading Special Thank You’s

#TankaTuesday 2023 Planning

I've started planning for the 2023 year of poetry challenges. I'm looking for constructive comments on what you would like to see in this challenge. Please let me know in the comments or email me at tankatuesdaypoetry@gmail.com. The last 2022 #TankaTuesday challenge will be 11/29/22. It's number 300, so we should celebrate! I have a … Continue reading #TankaTuesday 2023 Planning

Something New…

WordPress gave me a credit for the WordPress Pro debacle which enabled me to recreate my author blog once again. Please note the site address is https://colleenmchesebro.com. I had to add my middle initial, so this might be a bit clunky at first. It will take me a few days to migrate things over from Word … Continue reading Something New…

Things are looking up!

Things are looking up. It appears that WP has completed the migration of my posts from the ether of the pro plan back to the premium plan. I tried to catch all the links, but you know how this is. Let me know if something doesn't work. Otherwise, I think we're good to go! Hurray! … Continue reading Things are looking up!

WordPress Woes Continue

I'm convinced that the Pro Plan was causing all of my WordPress woes. So, I'm back to the premium plan. In the meantime, all of my posts have disappeared. This will take some fixing. I just wanted to let you all know what was going on. Thanks. ~Colleen~

WordPress Woes #2


So, here is what I learned from WordPress... "Looking over your comment settings here, I am seeing that you have it so that visitors can leave comments without filling out their email or name. To change this, you will want to go to: https://wordpress.com/settings/discussion/ your blog → Turn on "Comment author must fill out name … Continue reading WordPress Woes #2

WordPress Woes

wordpress, hand, logo-589121.jpg

I don't know about you, my dear friends, but I've had plenty of odd "ghost in the machine" moments with WordPress lately. I know the editor was updated again. 🙄 Since I updated to WordPress Pro, I'm considered to be wordpress.com and wordpress.org—both at the same time. There was updating there as well. Read this: … Continue reading WordPress Woes

Pro vs. Free WordPress

business coffee composition computer

I promised to share my experience switching from the WP Premium to the Pro plan. As I shared earlier last week, WP has done away with the majority of plans, leaving only the free plan and WP Pro plan to choose from. Check out this page for the comparison details. The free plan gives you … Continue reading Pro vs. Free WordPress