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Another blog Update…

Hello everybody! I’m in the midst of the worst mercury retrograde I’ve ever experienced. A couple of months ago my email was hacked. To add to my bucket of woe, I have had countless issues with WordPress, Facebook, and today, Instagram. Someone cloned my account and is sending spam messages to everyone. The Instagram account is deleted. This doesn’t include

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Exciting News!

Just a heads up… I’ve changed the domain name of Word Craft ~ Prose & Poetry to I’ve created an author blog (still in progress) at Bear with me while I make all these changes in headers, etc. It might be confusing for awhile, but there is no good time to make these changes. It was always my

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ReShare from Writing to be Read | Meet poet and writer Colleen Chesebro

I spent some time today with Kaye Lynn Booth & Robbie Cheadle talking about my favorite subject next to faeries ~ POETRY! Many thanks to these lovely ladies for their hospitality. Posted: February 22, 2020 | Author: robbiesinspiration  Treasuring Poetry Today, I am delighted to welcome poet, author and blogger Colleen Chesebro to the Treasury Poetry series. The aim of this series is to

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