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a placid lake surrounded with lush green trees

“Summer Scents,” haibun

Frank J. Tassone is hosting dVerse today. Here’s what he’s looking for: Let’s join in the celebration of Summer! Write a haibun that alludes to this hottest of seasons. New to haibun? The form consists of one to a few paragraphs of prose—usually written in the present tense—that evoke an experience and are often non-fictional/autobiographical. …

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pagoda in gray scale shot

“At the Top of the World,” shadorma sequence

at the top of the world, white clouds kiss the sky winds exhale the soft breath of the goddess— Gaia rests at the top of the world, heaven meets the earth at center ‘tween stars and moon, darkness falls— Spirit calls at the top of the world—rebirth! Gilgul spins in search of the highest form …

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photo of house near tree during winter

“Hope,” #Prosery

Merril D. Smith is over at dVerse hosting the Prosery Prompt for 5/10/22. She says: Prosery is a dVerse term for prose incorporating a given line of poetry. This can be either flash fiction, nonfiction, or creative nonfiction, but it must be prose! Not prose poetry, and not a poem. And it must be no …

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white printed paper with four white roses

The Colors of Spring, haiku sequence #TankaTuesday

the smell of spring…green grassesundulate and wave daffodil—alone in a fieldmellow yellow thin mistgray clouds mirrorreflections green leaf budsdrawing down the moonat twilight forsythiayellow petals fallin the mud pear blossoms—the goddess’ white tearsspring hoarfrost For #TankaTuesday, I wrote a series of haiku. This week we were to use color in our poetry. Each kigo is …

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close up photography of daffodil flower

“A Yellow Daffodil” Cinquain Series

yellow daffodil grows static in a wet field prairie swamp grasses undulate below springtime— nature revives fresh shoots waiting to rise leaves burst forth in celebration aglow breathe deep the scents and sounds of birdsong serenades white pear blossoms ready to burst just let go… © Colleen M. Chesebro An almost perfect cinquain series (I …

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bench hands field park

Daily haiku: 4/29/22

purple lilacs— the fragrance of springtime at the ball park © Colleen M. Chesebro

demonstration placards and banners

Yellow Daffodils, #TankaTuesday

For this week’s #TankaTuesday challenge, Yvette M. Calleiro, selected the theme of beginnings and endings. I tried to allude to beginnings and endings without using the words. It proved to be difficult for me today… Here’s a bit of tanka prose to reflect on. yellow daffodils bloom amidst the destruction war machines roll on as …

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empty road

Reflections on Today

Today I celebrate another birthday… it’s another year around the sun. As my thoughts turn inward, I greet the day with a thankful heart. I’m thankful I found the love of my life early on. We’ve had so much together. I’m grateful for family and friends, some more like family than mere friends. I’m thankful …

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white blue and yellow floral print textile

Reaching for Stars, tanka prose

I’m going to attempt a trifecta… three prompts combined to make one poem. First, I have Carrot Ranch at the 99-word story prompt (write a story using the phrase, water falls. Where is the water coming from? How does it shape a story? Who does it involve? Go where the prompt leads! Submit by April …

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The Rebirth

For months, winter’s clouds painted the Michigan skies a steely gray, robbing the world of color. “Talk what you please of future spring and sun-warm’d sweet tomorrow;” for today, I walk the path of this spring, holding tight to winter’s sorrow. Today, the sun’s heat fills my heart with the warmth that winter robbed from …

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