#TankaTuesday Weekly #Poetry Challenge No. 314, 4/4/23


短歌 火曜日

In case you missed last week’s poetry, here are the poet’s links from the 3/28/23 What’s Outside Your Window challenge:

1.ladyleemanila10.willowdot2119.Paula Light
2.ben Alexander11.Balroop Singh20.kittysverses
3.Britta Benson12.Jules21.Kerfe
4.Reena Saxena13.Cheryl22.Colleen
5.Mark Bozeman14.Gwen Plano23.Chu On This
6.Melissa Lemay15.Luanne Castle24.Ruth Klein
7.AJ16.Elizabeth25.The Versesmith
8.Li/ Lisa17.Jane Dougherty26.Robbie Cheadle
9.s. s.18.Yvette M Calleiro 27. You’re Next!

April is my anniversary & birthday month. So, let’s have some fun! This week’s challenge is to write a specific form with a twist!

Write a shadorma, or a series of shadorma poems using three to five of the random words provided:


























This form is a poetic favorite. The syllable count is (3-5-3-3-7-5). It’s a versatile form and looks great featured with a freestyle poem. Have fun!

Here are some sites that will help you write your poetry and count syllables:

Not sure how to write syllabic poetry? READ THIS FIRST: How to craft Syllabic Poetry

Tanka Tuesday Cheat Sheet





Word Craft: Prose & Poetry – The Art of Crafting Syllabic Poetry

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Now, have fun and write some syllabic poetry!

Published by Colleen M. Chesebro

An avid reader, Colleen M. Chesebro rekindled her love of writing poetry after years spent working in the accounting industry. These days, she loves crafting syllabic poetry, flash fiction, and creative fiction and nonfiction. In addition to poetry books, Chesebro’s publishing career includes participation in various anthologies featuring short stories, flash fiction, and poetry. She’s an avid supporter of her writing community on Word Craft Poetry.com by organizing and sponsoring a weekly syllabic poetry challenge, called #TankaTuesday, where participants experiment with traditional and current forms of Japanese and American syllabic poetry. Chesebro is an assistant editor of The Congress of the Rough Writers Flash Fiction Anthology & Gitty Up Press, a micro-press founded by Charli Mills and Carrot Ranch. In January 2022, Colleen founded Unicorn Cats Publishing Services to assist poets and authors in creating eBooks and print books for publication. In addition, she creates affordable book covers for Kindle and print books. Chesebro lives in the house of her dreams in mid-Michigan surrounded by the Great Lakes with her husband and two (unicorn) cats, Chloe & Sophie.

56 thoughts on “#TankaTuesday Weekly #Poetry Challenge No. 314, 4/4/23

  1. Looking forward to the challenge today
    PS Happy anniversary and birthday – in February my anniversary is on the 7th and birthday on the 8th – like you a double whammy – so enjoy 🙌

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    1. Thank you. Our anniversary is the 16th and my birthday the 18th! LOL! Happy belated birthday and anniversary. My husband’s birthday is the 12th, and Valentine’s Day the 14th. We’ve always laughed about that!

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  3. Happy Birthday Colleen and happy anniversary to both of you. Wishing you togetherness and happiness for many many years.
    Word challenge and syllabic poetry is a double challenge for me. I could put together just one shadorma but didn’t share, as, to me, it seemed too less. I used this opportunity to share some of my reviews. 😊

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