Reshare from: The Book

I was thrilled and over the moon to discover this amazing podcast book review by Rebecca Budd and her sister, Sarah of Word Craft: Prose & Poetry. Many thanks to both of you (and your mother) for finding poetic inspiration from my book.

Please have a listen and while you’re there give their blog a follow:

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Join me and learn how to write syllabic poetry! Word Craft: Prose & Poetry is available in print and ebook versions on

We’re in the seventh year of the #TankaTuesday weekly syllabic poetry challenge. Stop by HERE and join in the current challenge.

19 thoughts on “Reshare from: The Book”

  1. Word Craft: Prose and Poetry is an invaluable resource, Colleen. I love your words: “When you engage in word craft, your improve your writing through the study of syllabic poetry as it forces you to examine your writing up close. Your engagement with poetry will help your produce better writing results in whatever genre you undertake.” Poetry is a life journey, isn’t it?! Sarah, Frances and I are having a lot of fun!!!

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    1. Thank you so much, Rebecca. Writing syllabic poetry has become a life journey… and I learn more every day. I think that’s the secret sauce to life… keep learning and trying new things. Thanks again for the lovely review. You and Sarah have filled my heart with joy. 🙏🏻 💛

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  2. Congratulations, Colleen! I listened to the podcast last night. I got a big kick out of how enthusiastic Rebecca and Sarah were about the book and the idea of giving poetry a go themselves.

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    1. Thank you! I was gobsmacked! This was always my goal… to get folks who think they can’t write poetry to try it! I felt like I’d won the lottery! I appreciate you listening, Liz. It sure made my day extra special! 💜

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    1. Thanks, Merril. It’s always nice to hear (or read) your hard work is appreciatd. This lovely review made my day… especially to learn these ladies want to write poetry. That part fills my heart. 💜

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