#bookreview: Realms of the Mist by Jude Itakali

This is a stunning review of Jude Itakali’s book, Realms of the Mist, by Liz Gauffreau. Jude writes poetry in our #TankaTuesday community. BONUS: A video interview with Liz and Jude. You won’t want miss it!

Elizabeth Gauffreau

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My Review

I must say up front that I ventured out of my reading comfort zone when I accepted a review copy of Realms of the Mist from the author and agreed to provide an honest review. I have read very little fantasy except for a handful of short stories, so I am unfamiliar with the conventions of the genre.

Genre conventions are an important consideration to keep in mind when recommending a book to other readers, so I read a detailed article to inform myself. I am happy to say that experienced readers of fantasy will find in Realms of the Mist the world-building, magic systems, protagonist and antagonist with magical powers, action scenes, and overarching theme of good versus evil they have come to expect.

What’s more, the book is written in an engaging and thought-provoking way, as Kamau, a…

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  1. I just listened to Liz’s brilliant brilliant interview with Jude Itakali! Liz’s questions created a wonderful sharing space. This is a must listen to conversation!

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  2. Thank you Colleen, for sharing this. I don’t have proper words for how much I appreciate you.🤍🤍🤍

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