Reshare: hokku by Bashō

From Hokku: Writing through the Seasons

I’m fascinated by this new site that teaches us about hokku through translations in English. I’ve included his most recent post and his explanation of Daoku! 💜

Meet David: “This site was initially devoted to information on how to write contemporary hokku in English. Then, I decided to widen the focus to include Western poetry as well as no specific boundaries on subject matter, though the foundation of the site remains the practice of hokku.”

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        1. The Japanese have an interesting language. I actually have a good on how to learn the language I received from a friend. So many of the Japanese forms use specific words so it was a way to get a feel for the language. I think many Asian languages are sound based. You pronounce the sound one way it means this, and another way it means something else, kind of like our homonyms. That’s my guess.

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          1. I helped to raise Ron’s two half-Thai daughter’s, Diana… LOL! What a coincidence. Yes, he explained the language to me in great detail. He got in trouble for saying “nom” meaning a glass of milk, but if said with a different emphasis it means breast! LOL! He got slapped a few times.


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