Working up a sweat with poetic forms

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Experimenting with poetic forms

How long does it take you to write a poem that you’re truly proud of? For me, it usually takes a fair amount of time; and this has led me to a recent realization that I’d like to share.

My friends and readers know that I am constantly experimenting with sundry forms of poetry and rarely write free verse. This is not to say that I never employ free verse. I do- but not nearly as often as most poets I follow on WordPress on Twitter. Free verse really does seem to be king.

Mental exhaustion from ironing out poetic forms

Two poems I recently composed each took me a fair amount of time to complete.

The first of these was ‘Innocence lies, or: Winterwaits’, which I wrote in the ‘Diablo’ form, which I’d never attempted before. I find that trying out a new…

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