Haibun (Tuesday): Give Me Shelter-dVerse

Mish is over at dVerse for haibun Monday, which I’m writing today… a day late.

She says: “Michelle Beauchamp here, (aka Mish) happy to be your host as we blend prose and poetry into Matsuo Basho’s famous form. You can explore more about Basho here.

Mish asks us to incorporate the theme of “shelter” into our haibun, adding: “If you are new to the form, a haibun is made up of no more than three tight paragraphs that are non-fiction/autobiographical and usually written in present tense. The prose is followed by a haiku that makes reference to a season with an image of nature. Often the haiku adds another depth or layer to the prose.”

Shelter from the Storm

Shadowy clouds hem the edge of the sky. All afternoon, weather bulletins sound the alarm, beware—a severe thunderstorm.

Thunder rumbles in the distance while lightning slashes the sky in jagged streaks of light. The wind pushes the rain against my glasses, blocking my sight. My weed pulling duties are now done for the day.

My phone vibrates, as if fueled by the energy of the approaching storm. “It’s a first weather alert Monday. Seek shelter now.”

summer rain
flies cling to the screens
outside my house

© Colleen M. Chesebro


  1. We had our little thunderstorm. Didn’t take much of the humidity away.
    Hubby and son were working in the driveway on some gizmo – thankfully they got it back together and working before the rain came. But just as quick as that – the rain stopped.

    Lovely haibun.

    Liked by 1 person

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