How many of you have been searching for a way to add a Twitter timeline to widgets? The old widget disappeared from WordPress. I’ve been going crazy searching for a solution. gave me the answer!

How to Add Your Twitter Widgets Manually

“…Our final method uses the Twitter Publish tool to add a Twitter widget in WordPress. This option lets you embed a single tweet, timeline, or Twitter button on your website…”


Follow the instructions on how to manually add the Twitter timeline widget to your blog. The Twitter Publish tool will grab your twitter address and you will be set.

The Twitter timeline shows up on my FREE blog Unicorn Cats Publishing Services, but not on Go figure!!

13 thoughts on “How to Add a Twitter Timeline Widget to WordPress

    1. Dear Colleen and Liz,

      The Twitter timeline does not show up on because the said Twitter Publish tool produces a code that contains scripting language, which is not allow by

      May you have a lovely week ahead!

      Yours sincerely,

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  1. How strange that WordPress has removed the Twitter Timeline block. However, I still have it on the widget bar on my blog, and it seems to be working just fine. I see the ‘Twitter’ widget block and ‘Click To tweet’ widget blocks are still there, though.

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        1. I didn’t have the Twitter time line block until I added it yesterday. One day is disappeared. While on the pro plan, I found a plugin to add a Twitter timeline. When I went back to the premium plan that disappeared. So, I found this work around for the Twitter timeline. It used to be in the Legacy Widgets. Now if you use the twitter block as a widget it gives you a link to click, that’s it. Someone else told me that WP took the Twitter timeline widget out because the coding wasn’t compatible or something.


          1. I wondering if those of us who already had the Twitter Timeline block on our blogs will be able to keep it or if it will stop working. I guess I’ll have to wait and see and keep my fingers crossed that it will continue to work. But at least I have a backup in case it stops working. Thanks, Colleen.

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