Things are looking up. It appears that WP has completed the migration of my posts from the ether of the pro plan back to the premium plan. I tried to catch all the links, but you know how this is. Let me know if something doesn’t work.

Otherwise, I think we’re good to go! Hurray!

As soon as I switched back, I started receiving and seeing comments again. In my humble estimation, I would say the pro plan (which can’t be renewed, by the way) was a failure. WordPress took a hit on that one when they said they would offer two plans: Pro (paid) or Free. Many users left the site.

Now that the original pricing has been reinstated, things should simmer down. If you’re still on the pro plan or self-hosted, I expect we will have problems with comments for a long while.

My biggest issue with the whole mess was WP said I would remain on That was not true. You get bumped out into the ether like a self hosted blog. I saw no reason to remain, when the issue with comments continued. I couldn’t renew the pro plan, so it made sense to leave now and apply any credit toward the premium plan.

Hopefully, you will be able to add your poetry challenge link to Mr. Linky now. Let me know if you have issues.

Thanks so much. ~Colleen~

39 thoughts on “Things are looking up!

  1. I’m so glad you resolved your issues, Colleen. I moved to the Business plan since there was a credit and when that expires, I may go back to Premium.

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      1. I understand. It takes forever to get our blogs back to normal. Wow, I’m surprised the Pro plan was such a bummer. If I have issues with the Business plan, I’m back to the Premium plan.

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  2. So glad things are looking up and your posts and comments are back, Colleen. I checked the link I had to your book review of Linda’s Midlife Crisis and it worked! But yesterday it didn’t – so I am smiling! Horrific that pro is so dreadful. Toni x


  3. Glad things were fixed. I am still having an issue commenting on so many blogs. I have no idea what’s going on with WP right now but there have been way too many glitches lately.

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      1. Yeah maybe that’s the issue. I’m so glad I didn’t move to the Pro Plan because I was considering it for a bit.
        So true, WP has changed but for the worse. It used to be so user friendly when I first started blogging about six years ago. 💕

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