WordPress Woes Continue

I’m convinced that the Pro Plan was causing all of my WordPress woes. So, I’m back to the premium plan. In the meantime, all of my posts have disappeared. This will take some fixing.

I just wanted to let you all know what was going on.

Thanks. ~Colleen~


      1. It’s funny, I’ve recently been able to comment directly on your site which I couldn’t do for weeks. But I too show up any anonymous when I try to comment on many sites–this is a recent occurrence, maybe the last 6 weeks. I had 3 days of conversations about it with the happiness engineers, and all their suggestions either did nothing or made it worse (ie trouble commenting on yet more sites than before). I don’t know why they refuse to try to solve these problems on their end. It’s really annoying.

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    1. Wow! You’re so right. I told them I wanted to go back to wp.com because they discontinued the Pro Plan! I told them to apply the credits. I never would have switched had I known they would discontinue it a few months later. Now, if I can find my posts. I’m pretty frustrated right now. 🙄

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  1. OK I got into this one. Maybe the access point makes a differrence. I came here through your comment via my dashboard. It didn’t like it when I tried to go through my email.

    I’m still having issues with Moonwashed Musings…

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  2. 🤔 Now, that is odd. Your posts are not supposed to disappear if you downgrade your WordPress plan. I suggest contacting the Happiness Engineers.

    I do hope that things return to normal.

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    1. Thanks so much. I switched to the pro plan when WP gave us the pro option or the FSE under free. When they brought the premium back I asked for their help through the entire process. The last four months of my posts while on the pro plan have disappeared into the WP ether. They are working the issue. I was told the pro plan kept me on wp.com, but instead, it was like the business plan.


    1. I did a backup but it was on the pro plan backup. I went back to the premium plan. I worked with WP through the entire process. The last four months of posts are gone. I have an engineer working on the issue. She was stumped. I was told that the pro plan was still WP.com and that I wouldn’t have these issues. Someone was wrong.

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          1. I think you’re better off on one of the old plans, Colleen. They had so many complaints about the new plans that they bought the old ones back, although with a few differences. Fortunately, the plan I’m on does not expire until next year ( I got some discounts off them if I signed up for a 2-year deal), so I’m glad I am not in the middle of what is going on.

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          2. Yes, the premium plan is just fine. I wouldn’t have left, except they said it was pro or free and the FSE. That full site editor is horrible. Everything is so blah with those themes. They take too long to figure out what you’re doing. I’m just glad this is all over. 💜


  3. I wrote a long comment the other day, and couldn’t get it through. You and some other sites I read are being prevented from accepting my comments. The gist of what I said was that WP was becoming unpredictable and unreliable!

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