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I don’t know about you, my dear friends, but I’ve had plenty of odd “ghost in the machine” moments with WordPress lately. I know the editor was updated again. 🙄

Since I updated to WordPress Pro, I’m considered to be wordpress.com and wordpress.org—both at the same time. There was updating there as well. Read this: https://wptavern.com/wordpress-launches-new-homepage-and-download-page-designs.

First, I’m getting a large number of comments that are anonymous. No names, but they act like they know me. I’m not approving those comments. I don’t feel comfortable with them. I know there are times when WP doesn’t let us sign in or whatever, but please don’t send me an anonymous comment if you want me to answer you.

Many of those comment are ending up in spam… that tells me they are spam!

Here’s another WP issue… if I comment from my phone the comment doesn’t show up when I’m on my computer. Today I noticed there is a new block to check when you’re leaving a comment… do you want notifications on your phone? So, now… I would have to decide how to receive comments? Really? It makes the WP app on my phone obsolete if it doesn’t connect to my main account. Why would I reply twice?

Today, WordPress was down… I’m not kidding. For about a half an hour, I couldn’t log on. I kept getting error codes. I can only hope they were finally fixing something important!

Here’s another thing. Even after saving my posts (while writing them) some disappear as I’m writing them! It’s strange!

Did you notice that you now have to add a spacer before and after images, otherwise they are squished in with your text? This is such a waste of time!

Some of you have contacted me and said you can’t comment on my blog! Let me know if this continues and I’ll go back to WP again. I’ve gotten excuses about browsers being the reason that folks can’t comment. Could be… all the browsers have recently updated and changed too.

For example, in WP we have a block to share an Amazon book in reviews. If you have your browser settings set with no cross-site tracking we can’t see the block. Amazon tracks our visits and many browsers (including Apple) are making it difficult for bloggers to share reviews. I got around this problem by sharing an image of the book, using the Amazon link to the book including my ID as an Amazon reviewer. That works, but the WP Amazon block does not.

I had to quit using Firefox because they made me log into every site every time because they changed their settings again. I could visit some blogs, and not others. This kind of stuff drives me crazy! LOL!

I know we all must be safe into today’s cyber world. Please let me know if you have issues visiting me so I can inform WP. Thanks for your efforts. 💜

29 thoughts on “WordPress Woes

  1. What a nightmare, Colleen! I gave up long ago on leaving comments on WordPress through my mobile, because sometimes it would let me do it, and sometimes not, and it was quite confusing. I can read posts, like them and share them, but not comment.
    For some reason, I can’t like your posts, and that’s been going on for quite a while now.
    I never adopted the block editor, and when the system tried to make me do it when checking the widgets, I managed to find a plugin that allowed me to carry on with the classic setting.
    It makes me think of what my father used to say about new cars. In the old cars you could do all the maintenance yourself, even without a lot of mechanical knowledge, but now, everything is so high-tech and complicated that you must get an expert to do it for you.
    All their attempts at making it user-friendly and the updates seem to make life more and more complicated. Life is too short. Thanks, Colleen, and I hope things get sorted.


  2. I’ve noticed that block editor is even worse than it was before. It seems to take 5 clicks to accomplish the simplest tasks that takes 1 or 2 clicks in classic. I think WP needs to have a long, hard look at the basic functionality of their platform and not go chasing after the latest BSO (Bright Shiny Object).


  3. I have left blog comments recently to known sites, both in state and out of country that I have left comments to before (as me) that now come up as anonymous… So IF my icon doesn’t show up as my icon below the comment…I will put my name in the comment first – I have to do that for some Blogger Blog Post folks because Blogger and WP don’t play nice together. So what I’m saying is that not all of those anonymous comments you were getting were actually anonymous they were from folks you know, but weren’t identified.

    Sometimes WP will block my comment overseas. Even to sites that I’ve left comments to before. I’ve ended up in SPAM… I’ve also had to retrieve friends.

    As for the other WP issues… well I don’t deal with them, and and you know why! My stuff works just fine and I’m not messing with it.

    WP likes to fix what isn’t broken. Balderdash on them! The least they could do would be to email folks tell them what the updates are and how to proceed. Instead of making good bloggers going nutzo because they don’t know what just happened.

    Good luck with your issues.


  4. Sis. Your energies aren’t playing nice with the WP gremlins. What a mess. Well, I think this comment is coming through. As far as WP weirdness goes, I had some issues today. For example, I pref-drafted and scheduled 3 posts for next week and weekend two days ago. This afternoon, they were no longer scheduled, but thankfully, they were still there in draft.
    I will also say, I hate the block and override so many things through my own invention. I didn’t know there was a special Amazong block, lol. Also, I hate that it doesn’t ‘naturally’ allow for double spacing. I came up with a trick a few years ago when gremlins wouldn’t let me double space – I hit enter to the next line, type in two commas or periods, highlight, and change the letters to white so they don’t show and hit enter again. Yes, that annoying image thing without spacing between above and below paragraphs drives me batty. I like to set up my own form without being locked into WP decisions. I surely hope your woes soon evaporate. ❤ ❤


  5. I just had three days of pointless communication with the happiness engneers about these same problems. They claim no one else is having them, and it couldn’t possibly be their fault. Everything they told me to try did nothing or made it worse. I have exactly the same problems in Chrome as in Firefox, so I don’t think it’s a browser issue. It’s the same on my tablet or my desktop. And it’s random…different sites are messed up at different times. Infuriating. I hate having to log into WordPress for every comment. If I can even do that, which is not always the case…


  6. My phone is worthless for commenting these days. I’ve had to log in for every comment. It also looks like my comment on the floppy bustle story never went through.


  7. That is all shocking, Colleen. I can’t believe how unsatisfactory and dreadful the wordpress “improvements” have been. I still can’t work out the new block editor and it does nothing I want. When will they get their act together? I’m Toni, by the way: I’m doxing myself just in case I’m anonymous. xx


  8. How strange!
    I know I can’t like your posts on your site, but I can via reader!


  9. No issues here with reading or leaving you comments, Colleen (It’s Hugh here, by the way, if I come up as Anonymous).

    I’ve signed by to WordPress Twitter alerts so I know if they are having problems. I got their alert on Twitter yesterday.

    Perhaps it’s something you may consider so you then know there is a problem.

    I use Chrome. The only problem I have with WordPress using Chrome is that when I click ‘like’ on a comment sometimes, the like doesn’t always register. I have to do it a second time. Other than that, everything is working fine.

    I don’t use their app for anything because I can’t work off a small screen, so it’s always a desktop for me, with no problems leaving any comments on any blogs I follow.


  10. Hi, Colleen, it’s Eugenia (just in case I show as anon). IMO, WP is a real mess! I can’t comment on blogs that are not WP.com. I also, get a lot of anons and some of my commenters are now identifying themselves. The issue is occurring in all 3 browsers I use – Vivaldi, Firefox and Google Chrome. You showed up as anon on one of posts and the only reason I knew it was you was your signature purple heart.

    I am having to use the spacer tool so I don’t get that squished look between my images and my text.

    Also, if you use the WP app, here’s a post by Renard’s World that may be helpful! https://renardsworld.wordpress.com/2022/08/16/wordpress-jetpack-changes/

    I am going to put together a post on this subject and add your link. 💛


    1. Franci, it’s totally insane. I wonder if I should go back to WP.com (not Pro). So Jet Pack is causing all these problems? I deleted the WP app from my phone. I will have to post hours on my blog so that people know that I won’t see their comments until the next morning. You show up as anonymous. I’m not sure what to do. I’ll try WP and see what they say. Thanks for letting me know. 💜 ~Colleen~


  11. All of this is a struggle, Colleen. I have no idea why WP can’t just be simple and easy peasy, but it gives us problems more often than not. Yet, it still seems to be the best option available for blogging. Here’s hoping your debacle ends soon! Hugs!


  12. how incredibly annoying – I don’t think I’ve had any of these issues, because my blog is just a basic WordPress.com blog (thank f’n goodness)!



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