#TankaTuesday #Poetry Stars No. 282, #ThemePrompt: “The Longest Day”

Welcome to our weekly poetry stars’ celebration. This week’s challenge was to write our choice of syllabic poem, using a form from the cheat sheet or a syllabic form from the Poetscollective.org.

Many thanks to everyone who joined in below:

1.Harmony Kent7.ben Alexander13.theindieshe
2.Reena Saxena8.I deleted Margaret’s extra link14.Margaret 21
3.willowdot219.D. L. Finn15.Mayuri Srivastava
4.Gwen Plano10.Annette Rochelle Aben16.Ruth Klein
5.Cheryl11.Jules17.Jane Aguiar
6.Sarah David12.Colleen Chesebro18.You’re next!

Whew! What a week! I’ve been working on some creative projects this week, so I’ve been extra busy. Our contractor should finish the last bathroom on Tuesday! I can’t wait for this chapter of home renovations to be over.

👉🏻 🥳 👉🏻 I came across this blog post by Ken Hume HERE about writing poetry with your whole life. This is a great read! Please stop by Ken’s blog and share your thoughts. 👏🏻

Harmony picked a tough theme this week. What did your longest day look like? This week, I went with Sarah David’s shadorma poem, “Solstice.” The summer solstice was my first thought on the theme of the longest day. I liked the flow of this poem. Sarah captures the essence of the summer solstice in so few words.


summer’s breath
blistering sunrise
glowing still
long past day
simmering into sunset
lengthening shadows

© Sarah David

This week, I’ve asked Sarah David to choose the theme prompt for next month’s challenge. Please email your words to me at least a week before the challenge to tankatuesdaypoetry@gmail.com. Thanks.

Upcoming Prompt Poets

Specific Form: Yvette

Photo: Reena

Theme: Sarah

See you tomorrow for the new challenge!

18 thoughts on “#TankaTuesday #Poetry Stars No. 282, #ThemePrompt: “The Longest Day”

  1. A most interesting theme and congrats to Sarah! I’m on my way to read Ken’s post. Glad to hear your renovations are almost done. 💖


  2. First thing I thought of was the summer solstice too.
    Lovely collection (of the ones I’ve read and visited so far).
    Thanks all 💖


  3. Thanks, Colleen! How exciting! I always enjoy seeing the unique ways each writer interprets the prompt– such a fun challenge last week with many beautiful pieces!


  4. I read your prompt last Tuesday. Then, I blinked, and it’s Monday! This week was just so busy for me, and I never had a moment to write for myself. I did, however, enjoy reading everyone else’s poems. You picked a great one, Colleen! I truly enjoyed Sarah’s poem. 🙂


  5. So glad your renovations are going well. I’m glad you picked Sarah’s Shadorma – it’s so good. And I’m just off to read Ken Hume’s post – thanks.


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