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Rain Dance

There's a crackle in the air—
the static buzz of a summer storm brooding in the sky
Summer storms are magical...
I like to dance in the summer rain
unlike the winter rain, when I hide indoors 
away from the biting cold and wet.

Today dark clouds build in the west—
the air feels hot, filled with static electricity
Nothing but a torrential downpour 
and the loudest claps of thunder 
would send me running for cover now.

A summer storm is on the way
I can feel it...
I imagine myself running and playing
in the warmth of that sparkling summer rain.
I know this rain gives life—
I wait for the parched grass to turn green again.

Please let it rain!
So Mote it Be!

© Colleen M. Chesebro

I rarely write freestyle poetry, but after my walk today, all I could think about was how parched my part of Michigan has become. In my neighborhood, the friendly sounds of grass mowing, has altogether ceased. The grass doesn’t grow without the rain. Our city water is costly, and with the economic restraints on our budgets already maxed out; we choose not to water the grass.

If only it would rain!

42 thoughts on “Rain Dance”

  1. Loved your poem and thoughts dear Colleen… Living in England Rain is something normal here. Except this year we had a very dry Spring and now a very Hot Summer… So going without rain for long,long periods as you do there must be hard.. So many places parched, while others have had over excessive amounts of rain and flooding…
    Its interesting that water on Earth will always remain the same as it evaporates and condenses back down into rain… Its just where it drops that makes a difference…

    I am reminded of a speech I think President Johnson spoke in 1962 when he said

    A quote you can look up and find much information on.. 🙂
    Much love my friend and hope it rains for you soon…. ❤ I will beat my drum and ask for rain… ❤ both sides of the Pond…. less work on my arms in carrying water to our allotment plot.. ❤ 🙂


    1. Thanks so much, Sue. With the cost of water, and everything else so out of control, we’ve not watered the grass much depending on the rains to come. Fingers crossed they do. I can’t imagine lugging water to your garden. I know England has been super hot this year. Let’s hope we get the rains in the fall and everything can recover. ❤️


      1. Like wise, grass, lawns will recover given time .. Food plants are in need however..
        I have no doubts rains, floods and blizzards are on the cards… Just keeping our energy high for nothing is ever as it seems…. Even though it may seem to be getting worse…. There are those who ‘Think They’ hold the control strings at the moment….
        But I am very much looking forward to them being cut soon.. 🙂 And many may be surprised in the not to distance future
        Stay positive Colleen…. Much love ❤


  2. I wish you rain and magic, Colleen! We’ve had rain off and on for the last three days and I am grateful for every drop.


  3. Thankfully over this way we are not in a drought. Though we did have about ten days straight with temps in the 90’s – There are some brown spots, but mostly green prevails. Perhaps especially in the back where I’ve got so many trees to shade the ground?

    Gentle rain for all in need. (((Hugs)))


      1. Some neighborhood associations have odd rules. I have neighbors that didn’t plant any trees because they didn’t want to rake. But they end up with the other nieghbors leaves anyway (perhaps not as much?).


  4. Fingers crossed, hoping you get rain soon! I loved your poem, Colleen. Beautiful! ❤️


  5. Yes! I like this poem a lot because it rings so very true about the energy of a summer rain storm, and presented me with such clear sensations of what these rain showers feel like. Great stuff.


  6. Doing a rain dance for you Sis. I love your freestyle. I am quite drawn to that style since I got hooked on Frank Prem’s poetry. ❤


  7. I wish I could bundle up our storm clouds and share them with you. I also enjoy thunderstorms. They are soothing to me. I loved your poem, Colleen, and I do hope you get rain very soon. 🙂


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