My First Podcast: Tea, Toast, & Trivia with Rebecca Budd

bed of assorted color tulip flower buds

Hello everyone! I’ve got some exciting news. My friend, Rebecca Budd, invited me to her podcast called Tea, Toast, & Trivia at While you’re at it, this blog is wonderful to follow. You’ll meet new friends here… I guarantee it! I’ve shared the link to the podcast below. I hope you’ll have a listen. 🥳


      1. I loved your midwestern accent! It was very interesting what you said about your poetry and poetry in general. I learned a few things. (Actually, I learned a lot.)


  1. I just listened, Colleen. It was wonderful to finally hear your voice!
    I enjoyed the podcast very much. I think you did a wonderful job of explaining syllabic poetry and also your love of it.


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