#TankaTuesday #Poetry Stars No. 276 | #ShareYourDay

Welcome to our weekly poetry stars’ celebration. This week’s challenge was to write our choice of syllabic poem, using a form from the cheat sheet or a syllabic form from the Poetscollective.org. The idea was to share some aspect of your day (or week). This is a way to get to know each other better. I enjoy this challenge so much. It’s great to get a more personal glimpse into your lives. 💜

Many thanks to everyone who joined in below. Let’s give a warm welcome to our newest poets: Britta Benson, Tzvi Fievel, and Smitha Vishwanath.

1.Reena Saxena8.Donna Matthews15.theindieshe
2.Britta Benson9.ben Alexander16.Ritu Bhathal
3.Harmony Kent10.willowdot2117.Ruth Klein
4.Veera11.D. L. Finn18.Yvette M Calleiro
5.Laura McHarrie12.Elizabeth19.Colleen Chesebro
6.Tzvi Fievel13.Cheryl20.Smitha Vishwanath
7.Gwen Plano14.Jules21.You’re next!

I love this challenge! You all did a fabulous job this week! Thanks for joining in.

I’ve set the date for the Word Weaving Syllabic Poetry Contest! The contest will kick off on June 21, 2022, the Summer Solstice. On that date, I’ll post the rules, the prize amounts, and the length of the contest. MARK YOUR CALENDARS.

Please be aware that I won’t post a #TankaTuesday challenge that week. I’m sure you would rather submit your poetry for a chance to win some prize money. 💜

See you tomorrow for the new challenge!

17 thoughts on “#TankaTuesday #Poetry Stars No. 276 | #ShareYourDay”

  1. A wonderful prompt and great turnout, Colleen. Hopefully, I can get back in the swing of things now that my blog and domain issues have been resolved. ❤️


    1. Sounds great, Franci. I finally got a free WP account set up for: unicorncatspubservices.wordpress.com. You can bypass the FSE editor and search for a free theme. It took me awhile to figure out. I don’t think they want us using the old themes. LOL! 😀


      1. That’s great and I am glad you found a free theme. I agree about WP not wanting us using the old themes. I’ve seen only a couple of blogs that did a good job with FSE.


  2. I enjoyed this week of poetry. I’m excited for your poetry contest, Colleen! I’ll be out of town until June 24th, but I’m assuming there will be plenty of time when I return to work on it. I look forward to reading the winning entries. 🙂


    1. The contest will only last a week, Yvette. In fact, the week after, I’m taking a blog break. We’re redoing the floors upstairs and it will be pure chaos for me trying to write anything. I’m sure you’ll find a bit of time to write during your vacation. ❤


  3. Greetings to my Prose Princess.
    I’m just passing by.
    In an attempt to compress;
    conform or defy,
    either is anyone’s guess.

    Seriously, I have a moment between tasks at the office, and want to check in and say hello. Also, if you want to come on our radio show and talk about one of my favorite subjects, you, that would be fantastic. Thursday await you. I will be your personal liaison across the internet.

    Thanks for your time, this time; until next time, so long… Myke


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