“Tired,” #ShareYourDay, #TankaTuesday,

clouds during sunset

Our #TankaTuesday challenge this week was to share our day (or week) and write a piece of syllabic poetry to go with the image. I wrote a Badger’s Hexastich. My week was not interesting, to say the least.

Sophie, then Chloe—The Unicorn Cats

On Monday, we did some furniture moving, which is always exhausting. The temperature soared to 86 degrees and the humidity along with it. I developed a strange rash on my arms and chest.

On Tuesday, we had our yearly doctor appointments. The doctor believes that the sun caused the rash. I’m on low dose antibiotics for another issue and that makes my skin super sensitive. OR my thyroid levels were too high, OR… I’m allergic to something, OR its heat rash… It’s Saturday, and the rash is still there.

The doctor also gave us our Covid booster (#2) along with the new immunization for pneumonia. I have asthma, so this was necessary. As you can see, Chloe and Sophie, the Unicorn Cats, kept me company in bed. I’m feeling better today, just tired. I realized I hadn’t taken a break in ages, so maybe this was the time to slow down and go with the flow?

slow down
read a good book
heal your mind and body
rest and rejuvenate
restore the love

Listen to your body. It will let you know what it needs.


  1. oh so sorry!! Take good care of you!! Take care of that rash! Antibiotics while necessary, can be icky!! ❤️❤️🌻❤️❤️

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  2. We push ourselves to the limits until our bodies find a way to make us slow down. Thank goodness you rested and now feel better. Take good care of yourself, Colleen. What would we do without our lead poet?? 💗

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    1. Aww, Gwen. Thanks so much. It’s going to be a busy summer with the upstairs floor redo and then both bathrooms remodeled. My hubby is disabled so I take on too much. But it’s just how it is. After August, it will all calm down. ❤️❤️❤️


  3. Sorry to hear your body is communicating with you in such an annoying way, but I’m also happy you are listening to her. Your cats are cute and know their mama needs them close. And I love your poem! I’m down for some rest and relaxation, especially if a good book is involved. 😉

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        1. I read about that too! It’s a real thing. This has to do with my thyroid levels being too high. I have to be on the meds because I had my thyroid removed years ago. It’s always up and down with the meds. I feel more like myself today, finally. Thanks so much. ❤


  4. Hi Colleen, Your poem was lovely and your message spoke to me. It’s my first time participating and it feels like a sign. My body’s been acting up too and I visited the doctor last week. I had to do a blood test and a scan. I’ll be seeing her this week.
    ‘Listen to your body’ is what I did. I agree, we push ourselves too much sometimes. Wishing you a speedy recovery. X

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      1. Yes, I finally arrived. Lol. I’m so bad at tech that it took me forever to figure this out. Now that I have, I intend to stay. I love your blog. I’m glad you are feeling better. XXX


    1. Thanks, Diana. I think I’m as busy now as when I worked full time, so finding a balance is always important. I had my thyroid removed years ago, and the meds give me fits… up and down! It wreaks havoc on the body. I’m taking it slow, now. ❤


      1. I’m glad that you’re taking it slow. I feel the same way – busier than when I was working full time. How does that happen???? We must must slow down, or our lives will race by. Hugs. ❤


  5. Loved it and the advice. We do need to rest sometimes. Hope you are feeling better and enjoying some down time. xo

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