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Updated for today 4/6/22: WordPress listened and made some changes:


I’ve followed WP Tavern.com and WordPress Content for some time and have seen the changes coming to WordPress. Well, that time has arrived. Gutenberg 12.9 has been released. What does that mean for those of us at WordPress.com?

If you’ve looked at the theme gallery lately, you will notice many of the themes feature FSE. FSE is full site editing. We will now have the ability to create our own themes within the block parameters WordPress gives us.

Along with that, WordPress has changed the payment schedule.

There will only be two tiers, free and WordPress Pro:

from wptavern.com

If you are on a free blog, you need to pay attention. Notice the number of visits per month you are allowed… also, your storage changes significantly.

Personally, I don’t think $180 is too much to ask for a year’s subscription to WordPress. I recognize that not everyone can afford this. I don’t have answers. All I can say is that the times they are a-changing! Here’s what other users are saying: https://wordpress.com/forums/topic/reason-behind-plan-upgrades/

I’ve taken a class or two on full site editing. WordPress.com also has some great YouTube videos to help you get started. It’s much more difficult than it used to be, but it’s totally doable.

WordPress is covering classes on Full Site Editing HERE.

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28 thoughts on “WordPress Changes

  1. I have a WordPress page, but I use my Blogger blog for most of my things. It’s what I learned first, and I’m just comfortable with it. With all the changes taking place, I’ll probably wait a bit more before trying to learn WordPress. Thanks for always sharing your journey, Colleen! 🙂

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  2. I’m guessing those with free sites might have to delete several years of older posts? That’s doable since they aren’t visited anyway. As per visits… I don’t think that’s much of an issue either at least not at the moment. I personally don’t sell anything. We’ll just have to see what happens. If you go over on visits are they going to cut you off?

    Personally I just don’t like the FSE. I can see why they might need to charge, but that’s a tad steep. Something to think about. They might see folks switch back to other free places. That would cause some strain in back and forthing (commenting) between blog mediums.

    Its not enough they put adds on free sites? Time may come where they’ll be changes. Folks might just disappear…

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    1. It’s all new so stay with what you’ve got. I’d deal with it when they tell you. They did listen and change the storage amount for a free blog between what they said yesterday and today. But, yes, you will have to watch your storage. I think you’re good until the old themes are forced to retire. ❤

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  3. Oh…”The storage changes were intended to apply to newly created sites only, …”
    I’ve got two storage space information icons on my blog. One says I’ve used x allowed, the other says I used 0%.
    So… I guess I’m good for the moment.

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  4. I will have to see how this goes. I’m thinking it might be time to back up all my blog posts just in case. Thanks for sharing this, Colleen!

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  5. Fortunately, three weeks ago I renewed at $48, plus $18 for domain registration, so I’m set for the year. $180 next year! Ouch!! I’m sure it will be higher when I renew next year, and that doesn’t even include domain registration.
    I resize all of my graphics, so storage had never bothered my, but I like that my current level allows me to have audio files.
    And here I had been thinking that it would be nice if they were to offer some sort of legacy account — say 5x a user’s current rate to have a “lifetime” account that would preserve all content (including graphics, audio, etc., & domain registration) once a user is “gone.” Yeah, I’m a dreamer.

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    1. LOL! After 8 years, I deleted a bunch of my old posts. I had so many book reviews. I post them to Amazon and GoodReads so I don’t need to keep them. I have over 1000 posts to delete and it doesn’t work. I’ll have to contact WP for help. They did listen as they upped the amount of storage on a free account. But the themes will all be this FSE before long. The theme creators will become obsolete because we will all create our own theme within the blocks. It’s a new age. 😀

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  6. Sis, I always appreciate your detective work and keeping us updated on the fun and games at WP. I’m dizzy thinking about it all til I have to. Arg, two plans sucks. I’m on a paid plan now, as you know, and all I can hope that when renewal comes along, there will be a Black Friday halfprice sale again. Lol. ❤


    1. Sis, Hugh said WP is listening and will have some other plans available. I think someone leaked their announcement last week and now they’re scrambling to catch up. I do love this theme and the pro plan is faster and even the spam decreased once I switched. 😂🎉🥳


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