Word Craft Poetry & Colleen Chesebro back in one blog

The last couple of days I’ve been moving posts to Word Craft Poetry from colleenchesebro.com. I will delete that blog in the next few days. I have quite a few places to update in the meantime. If you come across a link that doesn’t work, please let me know. Thanks.

Ever since I deleted all those posts done in the old editor, everything seems to run smoother. How cool is that?

There were so many broken links on posts between 2014 and 2016 that I deleted most of the posts. Many of the people I knew then have long since left the blogging world.

I was brutal. I did not know how many posts I’d re-blogged back in the day. (But they’re gone). That’s what we did, then. We shared each other’s posts all over the place. That’s not the case anymore. Most people don’t even have their blogs linked to social media. For social sharing and community, the blogs are enough. I get that.

Since 2012, I’ve had a Twitter account under @ColleenChesebro. I’ll just add WordCraftPoetry to the description. The WordCraftPoetry Twitter account will go away. Please follow me @ColleenChesebro.

Things might be rough this week with the blog cleanup. This is a heads up! Hang in there with me. I’ll get it fixed.


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    1. Yes, and I’m expanding my skills. I want to offer Ebook and print book formatting services to help folks get their poetry books published. I’ve purchased a program that is easy to use and gives wonderful results. I’ve not announced this yet, but will soon. ❤

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  1. At one time I had four blogs… what a mess. Now I just have the one. But alas, that is my only social media 😀

    Good luck with all the corraling and figuring stuff out. Hope it all makes your life easier!!

    (((Hugs))) ~Jules

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