#TankaTuesday #Poetry Stars No. 265 | #Ekphrastic #PhotoPrompt

Welcome to our weekly poetry stars’ celebration. This week’s challenge was to write our choice of a syllabic poem using a form from the cheat sheet or a syllabic form from the Poetscollective.org inspired by the image below:

Title: Russian Dancers
Artist: Edgar Degas (French, Paris 1834–1917 Paris)
Date: 1899 via https://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/459097

Many thanks to everyone who joined in below:

1.Reena Saxena9.Cheryl17.Jane Aguiar
2.ladyleemanila10.D. L. Finn18.Yvette M Calleiro
3.ben Alexander11.Jules19.s. s.
4.Selma12.Balroop Singh20.roberta Eaton Cheadle
5.Annette Rochelle Aben13.theindieshe21.sally cronin
6.Gwen Plano14.Ruth Klein22.D. Wallace Peach
7.willowdot2115.Kerfe23.You’re next!
8.Jude16.Colleen Chesebro  

There was so much excellent poetry this week! Make sure to read:

Annette Rochelle Aben‘s poem which used the names of flowers to connect to the dancers.

Gwen Plano‘s poem is dedicated to Spring!

It was hard to choose, but I think D. L. Finn’s haibun, called “The Light” brought out the personalities of Degas’ Russian Dancers. I got goosebumps!


The women walk quietly to the field as the war erupts around them. Fields that once held abundant crops were withered death under their comrade’s blood. The cities, once teeming with commerce and progress, are reduced to rubble, while its people hide underground or fight in the streets. Hope is dim as these women’s voices are raised in song. They begin the sacred dance handed down through the generations for just this moment when hate and fear were the only options. The fighting rages on as their song grows, and a faint sparkle of joy moves into their feet and fills their bodies. They are the light in the darkness.

gift from ancient times
twirls in pink, blue, and yellow
healing dance of love

© D. L. Finn

This week, I’ve asked Denise to choose the photo or Ekphrastic image prompt for next month’s challenge. Please email your words to me at least a week before the challenge to colleen@wordcraftpoetry.com. Thanks.

See you tomorrow for the new challenge!

36 thoughts on “#TankaTuesday #Poetry Stars No. 265 | #Ekphrastic #PhotoPrompt”

  1. Annette and Gwen amazing entries, and Denise your Haibun is so inspiring! Ladies you give us all something to strive for, well done everyone indeed we all did amazingly this week.
    As always thanks to Colleen for all her hard work.

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  2. I think I read all of them, Colleen, and Denise’s was surely a stand-out. Thanks to you and Selma for the prompt. It evoked some powerful poetry. I’m looking forward to Denise’s image. 🙂

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  3. What beautiful poetry and I love Denise’s haibun! ❤️ Finally, I figured out how to switch Eclectic Brew to FSE! I am still tweaking it here and there and hopefully, I can get back to writing poetry! 😄

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          1. I spent hours and couldn’t get the results I was expecting. I even found a FSE theme that had 2 columns! Now that I know how to switch, I’ll try it again in the future.

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