Are you ready for a #TankaTuesday theme prompt? Ken Gierke (Rivrvlogr) from last month’s challenge picked the theme:


Merriam-Webster has several definitions for the word transitions, found HERE.

Learning how to write poetry featuring a theme is good practice for poets who’d like to submit their poetry to journals and contests. Check out our HUGE list HERE!

How do you start? Here is a great article from the Guardian on how to write a poem on a theme:

“This year, the theme for National Poetry Day is Light. I was asked to write a poem on the subject for Light, the National Poetry Day book (download it for free). Here’s how I went about it. It’s a technique you can use for writing a poem on any theme – aliens, Hallowe’en, getting old, football, animals… anything at all.

First of all, in the middle of a large piece of paper, I wrote LIGHT… READ MORE…”

The Guardian: Poetry secrets: how to write a poem on a theme

This is an example of a mind map. This technique works well when planning out your themed poetry. Don’t forget to count those syllables!

GRAB your printable FREE PDF daily syllabic poetry journal sheet HERE

Here are some sites that will help you write your poetry and count syllables:

Not sure how to write syllabic poetry? READ THIS FIRST: How to Craft Syllabic Poetry

Tanka Tuesday Cheat Sheet





Word Craft: Prose & Poetry – The Art of Crafting Syllabic Poetry


  • Write a poem based on the above theme using a syllabic form of your choice found on the cheat sheet OR from the Poetscollective.org using the theme above.
  • *USE sodacoffee.com/syllables to count your syllables. That way, we are all using the same syllable counter. 
  • Post it on your blog. Include a link back to the challenge in your post. (copy the https:// address of this post into your post).
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  • Read and comment on some of your fellow poets’ work.
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The screenshot below shows what Mr. Linky looks like inside. Add your name and the URL of your post. Click the box about the privacy policy (It’s blue). As everyone adds their links to Mr. Linky, you can view the other submissions by clicking on the Mr. Linky link on the challenge post. All the links will show in the order of posting.


Follow the 2022 schedule listed below:

Now, have fun and write some syllabic poetry!

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      1. I usually use freewriting, rather than mind mapping, but in the case of syllabic poetry, I’m thinking that mind mapping would work better. I’ll have to give it a whirl!

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  1. […] Author’s Notes: True story…February has turned out much harder than I ever imagined. We would have celebrated my brother’s 49th birthday on the 8th but instead, we’ll recognize his first death anniversary on the 27th.The above poem is written in a form called Haibun. Haibun, is a prosimetric literary form originating in Japan, combining prose and haiku/tanka. The range of haibun is broad and frequently includes autobiography, diary, essay, prose poem, short story, and travel journal.  Learn more about various poetry styles here.If you’d like to learn more about the Haibun poetry form and give it a try, come on over to the Go Dog Go Cafe’s Haibun Wednesday and join the challenge!This week’s challenge with Colleen is the theme of transitions. […]

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      1. Got it!! It was something at my end. Now if you could remove that first one that goes to ‘nowhere’ that would be good. Don’t know how to do that🙂. Thanks

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  2. Hello Colleen, and everyone. Despite the fact that it is ten degrees F. out and snowing there is a feeling of spring, or at least the beginning of that seasonal transition. Between the fine prompt and the temptation of a new (to me) form, the Whitney, I am in this week. Thank you for having me.

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    1. We’re glad you’re here D. It’s warmer here but still flurrying. We got about 4.5 inches of the fluffy stuff last night. The sun is peeking through, and the robins are mad as hell at the snow! LOL! Spring wants to burst open here too! ❤

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