Just a Quick Note…

I have deleted the Word Weaving Poetry Journal site. The domain was up for renewal and since I’ve made the journal biennial, there is no reason to have a separate site.

I’ve merged that blog into wordcraftpoetry.com. You will find the links to the journal information on the main menu or HERE.

Stay tuned… I’ll share more information about the First Word Craft: Prose & Poetry Contest soon.

15 thoughts on “Just a Quick Note…”

    1. I was able to import in the pages and posts so that was a great help. I thought at first I would do this journal annually, but now, I see the wisdom in having the journal biennially. It’s a huge amount of work. LOL! ❤

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  1. I’ve put the Amazon link to the book at the bottom of my posts 🙂
    I know you have a bunch of links to the book but it might be nice to have a link to the Amazon book link as a selection in the drop down menu? But that’s up to you 🙂

    Easy for you is always best (((Hugs))) ~Jules

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