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I’ve been doing some much needed blog cleaning. I’ve added the 🧹posts and pages🧹 from “A Witch’s Brew” blog to my author blog here at I’ll shut down that blog today, as well. It’s much easier to navigate. So, don’t panic if you see me post things that have to do with my pagan path. It’s part of who I am as a poet and an author. It’s taken me many years to find my way, and I’m thrilled to be here.

I’ve done the same thing with the Word Weaving journal, adding a section to so I can manage the journal from one site. I’ve made the Word Weaving journal biennial, which gives me time to prepare for the poetry contest in the in-between years. The Word Weaving blog will shut down in April. Watch Word Craft: Prose & Poetry for information about the Word Weaving Poetry Contest.

Thanks for joining me in my writing and spiritual journey. I’ve been blogging since April 2014. I’m met people who have become good friends and colleagues. I look forward to sharing many more years with you all!


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  1. Mt blog cleaning has also recently been fixing all the broken links and getting rid of old, out-of-date posts that are no longer of use to me or the world. I was somewhat overwhelmed by how many broken links there were, but a week on, I’ve fixed most of them.
    Happy blog cleaning, Colleen.

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    1. I have so many broken links! It will take me awhile to get everything organized again. I’ve combined blogs so when your posts import in, the images are missing or replaced with something else! 😂🙄

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