#TankaTuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 257 #Ekphrastic #PhotoPrompt


This challenge explores Ekphrastic poetry, inspired by visual art or photographs. I’ve provided the artwork for this month’s challenge:

The Crystal Ball is a charming painting from John William Waterhouse which features a plethora of influences from Renaissance architecture to British Pre-Raphaelites like Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Holman Hunt and John Everett Millais. ~ via John William Waterhouse

Many thanks to Rebecca Budd, who introduced me to the art of John William Waterhouse. Her blog, Chasing Art, is full of poetic inspiration!

Write your poem inspired by the painting above, using a syllabic form from the cheat sheet or from the poetscollective.org/poetryforms. Here is more information on how to write an Ekphrastic poem: How Do You Write an Ekphrastic Poem.

“Ekphrastic poems exist to respond to a piece of art critically, analytically, and reverentially.”

Ekphrastic poetry explained

On the Monday before the next challenge, I will select a poem from this week’s challenge to feature on the Monday recap. That poet will then choose the piece of artwork or a photograph (credits included) for next month’s challenge!

Here are some sites that will help you write your poetry and count syllables:


A simple yet powerful syllable counter for poems and text which will count the total number of syllables and number of syllable per line for poems like haikus, limericks, and more.


For Synonyms and Antonyms. When your word has too many syllables, find one that works.

I don't get it


  • Write your choice of a syllabic poem from the cheat sheet or from the poetscollective.org/poetryforms.
  • Post it on your blog.
  • Include a link back to the challenge in your post. (copy the https:// address of this post into your post).
  • Copy your link into the Mr. Linky below (underlined with a hyperlink).
  • Please click the small checkbox on Mr. Linky about data protection.
  • Read and comment on some of your fellow poets’ work.
  • Like and leave a comment below if you choose to do so.

The screenshot below shows what Mr. Linky looks like inside. Add your name, and the URL of your post. Click the box about the privacy policy (It’s blue). As everyone adds their links to Mr. Linky, you can view the other submissions by clicking on the Mr. Linky link on the challenge post. All the links will show in the order of posting.

Follow the schedule listed below:

I can’t paint, so I write syllabic poetry, instead. ❤

So, who wants to have fun and write some poetry?

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    1. Yvette, I love using artwork as inspiration for poetry. It’s like the meeting of the minds between the artist and the poet. It’s a good way to stretch your imagination. Have fun with the painting. I like to guess the woman’s thoughts. ❤

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  1. Lovely, Colleen. I just posted my double Etheree (a form I’m attracted to) — Looks smart on the page.
    Had a hard time cropping the lovely photo. Perhaps I’ll retry in the morning. Thanks for having me again this week. Good night, all. Keep trucking… *wink*

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