Recognize that you are WATER 
Cry. Cleanse. Flow. Let go. 
Recognize that you are FIRE 
Burn. Temper. Adjust. Ignite. 
Recognize that you are AIR 
Watch. Breathe. Concentrate. Choose. 
Recognize that you are EARTH 
Ground. Give. Build. Heal. 
Recognize that you are SPIRIT 
Connect. Listen. Know. Be Still.

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32 thoughts on “Remember?”

  1. Oh Wow Colleen…. All the elements … We need reminders like these.. to be One with Mother Earth.. Love and Blessings Colleen…. Have a peaceful weekend… <3

      1. I have this on my mirror Colleen… CREATION IS FUELED BY MAGIC AND ~I AM~ A MAGICAL BEING OF CREATION… 🙂
        We are what we think and create what we think… May we put into the consciousness especially the Solstice our true freedom of intent and not the fear we hold.. <3

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