Daily #haiku 9/16/21

cool morning—
Indian summer sunshine
pumpkin spice

© Colleen M. Chesebro

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30 thoughts on “Daily #haiku 9/16/21”

          1. There’s beauty, and I like the blankets and cozy feel. I just don’t like the darkness and feeling like it’s bedtime at 4 in the afternoon.

          2. LOL! I go to bed earlier and read, so that part doesn’t bother me as much as it’s still dark at 8 am. This will be our first darker winter in many years. Living out West we had more sun than darkness. I grew up like this though, and don’t mind the gray days (right now). We’ll see how it goes this winter.

      1. Mine too! Our temps are cooling down, as well. While I was walking to the hub to pick up some packages today, there were autumn leaves on the ground. 🧡🎃

          1. Seriously? You have heat? I’m wearing long sleeves outside now and my winter furries in my dungeon until they switch the aircon to heat system. 🙁

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