“A Mother’s Song,” Crapsey cinquain trio, #TankaTuesday

For our #TankaTuesday challenge this week, Vashti Q. Vega, selected an excellent theme—a lullaby. I wasn’t sure what I would write, so I just let the words flow… don’t think of this as something sad. Instead, think of it as good memories.

My children and grandchildren are all grown and scattered all over America. They all have their own lives and we don’t connect with them often. It’s their choice. Blended families have different issues to cope with and some things just are what they are. Every once in a while I unpack those feelings… then, I put them back again. This was one of those times. <3

"A Mother's Song"

sweet slumber songs
to this dear babe of mine
let fairy kisses grant wishes
dream deep

think of
the blessed days 
wrapped in my loving arms
holding you closest to my heart
dear lamb

memories call—
when you were oh so small,
I miss those days when you needed
me most...

© Colleen M. Chesebro
Now, I’m a CAT mom!
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34 thoughts on ““A Mother’s Song,” Crapsey cinquain trio, #TankaTuesday”

  1. Aw Sis, this was beautiful. I loved it. I get it. I loved this what you said, “Every once in a while I unpack those feelings… then, I put them back again.” <3 <3

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