Daily haiku ~ the river

summer clouds—
kayakers floating
the river

© Colleen M. Chesebro

I’m with the grand-dogs this weekend on the Grand River. It’s always so beautiful and peaceful here.

I’m working on haiku imagery. The idea is to connect emotions by associating two or more images together in strange and unusual ways. It’s not as easy as it sounds. I find it is always best to look for alike, or contrasting images to feature in your poem.

In the haiku above, I targeted the “summer (my kigo) clouds” and the “kayakers floating the river,” definitely a summer activity. Clouds float – kayakers float, which are alike images.

A haiku should present an event in an image. It should SHOW us what happened without telling us about it or what emotion to feel. In the haiku above, what emotions do you feel?

Haiku poems share a specific event or observation. Haiku are not generalities, and we never use a simile or metaphor.

Most haiku are written in seventeen onji (Japanese sounds) which equates to around twelve syllables (3, 5, 3).

learning from home


    1. Yes! I love my visits to the river. Dustin and Molly have put so much heart into this place. It’s always a mini-vacation. Ron drops me off and goes home to stay with the kitty girls. I’ll be firefly watching tonight. I brought bug spray! LOL! 😀 ❤


  1. Continue to have a wonderful relaxing time. While hubby was helping one of our sons… and then (it was cool enough – I cleaned out some of our shed.

    I also picked up the last bouquet of flowers from a stand across the street from one of the little free libraries I visit. That was after picking up more bird seed. Thankfully we can once again fill our bird feeders!!

    Be well and stay safe!!

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