South Wind, Frank’s Challenge #191

It’s been a while since Frank Tassone’s Haikai challenge was available. Thanks for the inspiration! I’m glad to see him back! Here is my haiku for #191 south wind.

south wind strokes
green leafy branches
cicadas sing

© 2021 Colleen M. Chesebro

It’s important to note that haiku are untitled. Also, we shouldn’t capitalize the first letter of each line in syllabic poetry. I know Word, and even WordPress naturally capitalizes each line, but it’s incorrect in Japanese poetry and most syllabic forms. Write your poetry like a pro… don’t capitalize!

This is a good tip to know if you are submitting your poetry to poetry journals like Word Weaving. 😀

Have you heard about the Brood X cicadas? I think we miss the worst of these creatures in my part of Michigan. Fingers Crossed. Read more HERE.

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22 thoughts on “South Wind, Frank’s Challenge #191”

    1. Japanese poetry, no capitalization. The other forms of syllabic poetry is seldom written in sentences. It makes sense not to capitalize. Visually, it is more impactful.

  1. Not sure what wind it was but we just had us a small thunderstorm. 😀
    I know about the brood cicadas. I think we get some form of them critters every year.
    I haven’t heard them yet…

    I’m waiting on lighting bugs to tell me summer has arrived (not yet).

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