#TANKA TUESDAY #POETRY STARS | #SynonymsOnly: “Life & Move”

Welcome to our weekly poetry stars celebration. This week’s challenge was to choose synonyms for the words, “life and move,” chosen by Ritu, using one of these forms: haiku, senryu, haiga, tanka, gogyohka, haibun, tanka prose, renga, solo renga, cinquain, and its variations, Etheree, nonet, shadorma, Badger hexastich, and Abhanga poetry.

Remember… the first of the month you can write any syllabic poetry form of your choice. The rest of the time, we write our syllabic poetry in one of the forms listed, and we follow a schedule (posted below).

I do this for a couple of reasons. It requires those of you who would like to enter contests or to submit your poetry to literary journals to learn how to follow their rules. This challenge gives you that practice. Besides, why enter a challenge if you don’t follow the rules? That’s the challenging part. ❤

Many thanks to everyone who joined in below:

1.ladyleemanila10.Pat19.anita dawes
2.Trent McDonald11.Elizabeth20.Donna Matthews
3.Susan Joy Clark12.Gwen Plano21.Dora
4.Padre13.TJS Sherman22.Goutam Dutta
5.Ruth Scribbles aka RuthEK14.The Versesmith23.Marsha
6.Annette Rochelle Aben15.Laura McHarrie24.Sally Cronin
7.D. L. Finn16.kittysverses25.M J Mallon
8.theindieshe17.Jude26.Kerfe Roig
9.Jules18.Selma27.You’re next!

There’s been so much excitement this week with the release of Word Craft: Prose & Poetry, along with the theme for the first Word Weaving Poetry Journal! I will have the print version of Word Craft ready for release this week. I’ll keep the costs as low as possible so that the book remains affordable for everyone.

This week, I chose Gwen Plano and her butterfly cinquain “Life Travelers” to feature. Not only does the photo add to the poignant nature of the poem, but it also becomes a metaphor for the words, “life and move.” I think the choice of a butterfly cinquain (shape poetry) also enhances her words. There is a deep sense of moving on with life in this piece.

Image credit: Gwen Plano

This week, I’ve asked Gwen Plano to choose the synonyms for next month’s challenge. Please email your words to me at least a week before the challenge to tankatuesdaypoetry@gmail.com. Thanks.

Submissions are OPEN! Connect with the Word Craft Journal of Syllabic Verse at wordweavingpoetryjournal.com to learn the theme of this first journal.

See you tomorrow for the new challenge!

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  1. Beautiful cinquain from Gwen. Congrats to the stars, and to you Sis. Your hard work is paying off :). I want to savor the book and brush up on my poetry. I have much to write. Once I get cleaned up, packed, moved and settled, I’ll be back more regular. ❤

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