“The Editing Blues,” Double #shadorma, #NaPoWritMo

It’s day 21 (has it been that long?) of NaPoWritMo and I’ve been dug down deep in my editing den… Word Craft: Prose & Poetry will become a reality soon.

This is the general direction of the book cover. I know there will be changes. Wendy Anne Darling, a dear friend, is making the cover. So, this double shadorma shares my pain. LOL!

"The Editing Blues"

necessary chore
when writing
to be read
who wishes to read a book
with many mistakes?

my head hurts
and I know my sight
has dimmed now,
commas and
semicolons will kill me...
the editing blues

©2021 Colleen M. Chesebro

I’m done for the day! LOL!

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17 thoughts on ““The Editing Blues,” Double #shadorma, #NaPoWritMo”

  1. Colleen, I love the idea of your ‘editing den’. I pictured, at once, an area separate from your ‘drafting den’! – it tickled me. But, over breakfast, it made a lot of sense to me; an area, a nook, a table, away from your usual writing space; a physical space where the mind works in a slightly different way! Editing is a pleasure and a skill quite different from drafting – I often find the process as exciting/hard work/playful as the initial writing. If, on a good day I manage to corral 1000 words (ha! that would be a good day!) I am not happy until that number has been reduced to 600 words: tuned, whittled, sculpted, trimmed. It is certainly half the fun of writing.

    Thank you for dropping by. Have a lovely weekend.

    (as I press send, I know I will be editing this ^!)

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    1. Thanks, Nick. Actually, I do all of my writing and editing in my “creative room.” It’s filled with crystals, incense, two lovely cats and a few plants. It’s cozy too. I have a comma issue. I never seem to use them at the right time. LOL! Thanks for your lovely comments. Happy Sunday, my friend. ❤

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      1. This sounds a lovely space. What incense do you favour – scent wise, I mean! Not which brand!

        Ah, commas! Exactly my issue! I do receive comments about my comma use – not that people mutter it under their breath as we pass – but not bad comments; curious ones! I take it as a good thing and try not to lose sleep over it 🙂

        Yes, commas and semi-colons! I have a shoebox full of semi-colons in my space. It never looks like it’s being depleted, but logic tells me otherwise!

        Thank you, Colleen. x

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  2. I’ve only published once, and I’m writing a novel now but my first editing process was rather enjoyable. I really enjoyed reading and adjusting the poetry. Though it was very tiresome. I still enjoy reading it up to now so I think it was worth it. Hang in there my friend. Though you know much more than me in this department. 🙏🏽

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