“Humid Spring,” Badger hexastich trio, #NaPoWritMo

I had forgotten how humid it can be in Michigan… Today; the humidity rolled in from Lady Lake Michigan and the rainy day bloomed as we headed into the afternoon.

So for my Poem-a-day practice, I described the approach of the afternoon rain. It’s day 8 on NaPoWritMo, but I’m not following the prompts.

leaden clouds churn
rain spatters like cat feet
barely touching the ground
drops disappear
birds sing

blue flies cluster
on dampish window screens
sunning 'tween breaks in clouds
when spring winds gust
blooms thrive

cloudburst unleashed
drops cling like morning dew
slick streets shine with rainbows
gutters run deep
grass grows

©2021 Colleen M. Chesebro

16 thoughts on ““Humid Spring,” Badger hexastich trio, #NaPoWritMo”

  1. And it’s only April. Something wrong with the thermostat for sure. It gets like that here in Japan but after the rainy season. June-July.
    Stay cool. Your poem is so lovely. Too bad it’s real. Still the words are beautiful and they convey much. I adore your style. Thanks for sharing.

    I was smitten with the prompt today. Silly, silly me. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    The things you learn about yourself as you age. I never knew; never suspected I had such predilection for drama. A monologue? By someone dead? Where did that come from within me!? Imagine my surprise!

    Thanks so much, Colleen. Stay cool. I wish you miracles.

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  2. I too thought humidity was our burden here in the east– even though I spent my childhood in Ohio I don’t remember it until we moved to Maryland. You’ve described it well. (K)

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